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File: untitled.png (282 KB, 600x600)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
Because /3/ needs to admire this beauty.
for the king was incredibly successful and i'm not sure the models are better than that
File: Screenshot_2.png (1.48 MB, 1155x682)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
Finished the first screenshot.

Going to take a nap.
Cris, how many engines have you gone through now?
I think you should stick to one you enjoy that's capable of running the game you want to make, instead of hopping between a bunch of random different ones. You're not gaining any useful skills by learning how to print("hello world") 20 distinct ways over and over.
Last thread you said Godot was trash and you wouldn't use it, then you posted a demo you were making in RPG Maker 2003 (???), then you were back to Godot, then you bought some other random engine...

Basically any of these engines can make a good game if you master them, but you seem to keep jumping ship after making another little demo to walk around in.
It's like you keep buying puzzles to solve, but all you do is place the corner pieces and connect some of the edges you can find before giving up and buying a new puzzle.
I have the most experience with godot.

What I don't like of godot usually is that is too low level.

Which is good and bad.
You have full freedom, but you basically have to do everything from scratch in godot.

Sometimes that is very tiring.
Software is just frustrating like that. All programs do some things well and other things poorly, but you rarely have the option of using the good parts of one program and the good parts of another program. And more so the more your overall task is about software, like making... Programs.
File: Screenshot_3.png (23 KB, 410x338)
23 KB
master house.
File: Screenshot_2.png (1.42 MB, 1152x677)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
made the houses.
you fucking retard you even havent reached bump limit and image limit in your general
you're a fucking blight. Go kill yourself
there's already a bump limit order.
we all were the real cris all along.
just make the mixel equiv of psx meshes, set to point filtering and call it "retro"
zoomers can't tell the diference with a psx model in a CRT.
File: kaliina.webm (490 KB, 1150x651)
490 KB
made an animation.
Are you playing with random animation speeds?
The idle animation looks nice and adds some life to her, but the random slowing/speeding up makes her seem insane.

Unless the slow part is a framerate issue, in which case you should try tying the animation to delta time (real time).
lol this nigga think all ps1 games ran at 8 fps llike modern slop when most hit 60 and some 30
youtube really does fuck up the mind
Nah, It's an easy fix.

I just need to make it double slower.
A timing issue, not a big deal.

I have a 200 usd laptop, so It makes sense It would struggle with recording.
>most hit 60
It's going to depend on the game and how much is going on, just like games today.

Max Hz isn't framerate.
well, I don't think most people like have a perfect memory of how psx games were, or were born after the PS2 or just don't care.

Most zoomers would related my style more to minecraft than psx.

My style is not psx, psx models were the most HD textures they could.
Pixel art textures is a modern indie thing, not a psx retro thing.
File: kaliina.webm (866 KB, 1150x651)
866 KB
There-s now a fighting game dash.

Hardly any 3D PS1 games ran at 60fps. 30fps was much more common. 15fps wasn't unheard of.
If your PS1-tier low poly game can't run at 1000fps minimum on modern hardware you're doing something very wrong.
File: kaliina.webm (1.1 MB, 950x582)
1.1 MB
added camara.
Don't use this one, Cris.
Use that: >>960968 much cooler name and it was created by me (your bruv).
kill yourself (cris's best bruv)
How did you assign animations to her?
Why not both? More cris the better

Looks good Cris, I can't wait until you change the grass for a descent terrain so we can see the character better
Look up an animation tree tutorial.

I honestly like the idea of taking a PBR material and use pixel over to make it pixel art pbr.
File: soldier.png (507 KB, 800x800)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
made a sprider.
File: soldier.png (134 KB, 452x421)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
Made the model.
File: kaliina.webm (946 KB, 1025x619)
946 KB
added a bug.
Yea I have seen really cool stuff with pbr and pixel art/ low poly mesh
I personally like more the baked shadow on textures but if you can pull it off it will look good
File: onager.png (248 KB, 459x407)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
Made the girls onagre.

Yeah, I think the best would be to user amor paint to texture this baby and then use pixel over to turn it into pixel art.
An onager, yes that is going to be really good. If you do this try to make the normal map pixel art too, I made something like that for a game and it works really good, but is time consuming as hell
File: Screenshot_2.png (1.3 MB, 1113x641)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
soon brotha.
File: kaliina.webm (1 MB, 1134x619)
1 MB
added basic projectiles.
I cant wait to see the full project, i just hope i dont die in the process
File: kaliina.webm (1.03 MB, 1134x619)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB WEBM
catapult is done.
>just 1k vertices on screen
so this... is the power... of open source.... sasuga cris-sama
no, a 200 usd laptop.
Are we going to be able to play a Cris game in our life time?
I feel like I am in a parallel universe or in a dream and tomorrow I am going to wake up and Cris would be Cris again with a new project and a new game engine.
His laptop is Venezuela tier bro,
Keep going Cris!!! /3/ needs you
>Cris has a venezuelan laptop
>Still outperform 99.9% of first worlders on /3/
I know! That's why I keep looking at this thread
Cris is /3/ outsider art
File: kaliina.webm (986 KB, 1155x649)
986 KB
Basic enemy behaviour done.
File: gdev.jpg (2.7 MB, 2253x1662)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG
He can do it...
He is /3/'s only champion...
File: kaliina.webm (966 KB, 1155x649)
966 KB
Combat is now finished the prototype.

File: kaliina.webm (1000 KB, 1155x649)
1000 KB
1000 KB WEBM
Newer mechanic.
Yes it's happening!
rosa model is done.
File: rosa.png (262 KB, 600x600)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
File: kaliina.webm (1.11 MB, 1155x649)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB WEBM
Added a new mechanic, rosa who follows pacifica and who you need to trigger the onagers.
File: kaliina.webm (1.19 MB, 979x586)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB WEBM
Basic gameplay loop is pretty much done.

Pretty much prototype is done.
I need to maybe add a newer button element to have 4 buttons.

Need to add more mechanics to make it deeper the combat.
Maybe add some hadouken type of attack, add some stun bar to the bugs, make their attacks to have gravity.

After that, some story mode has to be made, with some in between dungeon stages, where there will be a VN dialog.
And then a bunch of dungeons to have variations.
And then a basic roguelike type of dungeon.

And add some elemental blocks like Battle City.
And then some types of onagers and some types of bugs.

But the core foundation is pretty much done by now.
I need to now give meat to this skeleton.
How are you liking Godot?
godot is great.

Maybe not as polished as unreal or unity, but is fine for indie games.
I will put flor in my game.
Is that a tapir?
more like my 2020 skill.
File: kaliina.webm (1.41 MB, 826x500)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB WEBM
Made the first test level.

Tomorrow I need to set up basic enemy behaviours and some plaecholder level.
File: kaliina.webm (1.37 MB, 750x458)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB WEBM
Got almost done my gameplay.
Looks like shit
Amazing, spectacular, AAA, superb, incredible, 10/10 would bang, perfect.
That's how I would describe this videogame
Cris is the soul of /3/

You are mentally ill, have no taste, or is just jealousy?
Remember my words, if you work hard, in the future you can do something as good as this.
Is flor a companion? Or something like a mule to carry your stuff?
I am going to make hyper Coomer hentai waifu game using the things that I learned from Cris
It's going to be about a male protagonist isekaing into this world full of open legged girls that want to fuck to destroy the eternal evil that is terrorising the world

The name of the game will be" I isekai into Coomer world, "

Will our hero destroy the evils of the world or his dick Will go limp in the proces?
that's pretty good for someone who's never seen a house
File: groverhaus.jpg (72 KB, 800x450)
72 KB
>cris builds a house
That's a perfect looking house
Her tits needs to be bigger
I literally have the same laptop and it runs Warthunder on medium at 720p60fps
Do NOT let cris incompetence fool you
Maybe, but still I am not convinced that is low frames and it's more that the animation has that choppy style
Cris! Can you show framerate?
File: pacifica.gif (162 KB, 400x400)
162 KB
162 KB GIF
I give up.

I can't make a game alone.

I need help.
Have you considered suicide?
Yes you can, I have made 4 games alone, even sound and music, just keep going, the most important thing of all is to streamline your game, what is not necessary just cut it.
Suicide does not finish a game, trust me I have tried
File: apu tired.jpg (19 KB, 481x406)
19 KB
I spent 20 days working on godot to have simply a 3D character walking, another 3D character following it, and some object that throw a stone to enemies that follow a path and have 0 animations, and a placeholder level.

That's basically a month of work I've spend on godot.
And that's good, you just spent a month learning a program, that's nothing, just keep going dude. Stop crying like a faggot and keep working.
Being sad never accomplished anything
I actually found a lecture on the specific topic I lack.

how can someone's work look so disgusting
Yeah, man.
That's why programmers get paid monthly. They can't name what they've done in shorter periods of time.
try again
Learning these corporate "design patterns" from indians on youtube has the potential to be a huge waste of time.
The real key is to ask yourself what data you need to represent your problem(s), and then what transformations need to occur on that data. You don't need to waste time listening to courses about how to design IEnumerableFactoryComponentDependencyInjection classes
Try it for me, then if it works you can give me the good news via my ouija board
>I actually found a lecture on the specific topic I lack
no, Cris, that s just 1 hour video of indians speaking shit, i can tell you what you need in seconds
you need focus and to get rid of non esencial things
Example I am making a shooter, now I need to make a list of the essential parts I need weapons, enemies, locations, and a basic systems.

do I need to put day night cycles and weapons that are less effective in the rain?
that sounds cool but not essential so put it in the maybe later.

you are going to see how many shit you can cut so at the beginning you are not overwhelmed

you have a run walk system, enemy behaviours, A working catapult, you can make a fun game with those systems alone. try to not complicate shit
I don't know, you tell me, I keep telling you to never compare your work to Cris, he is light years away from you
We want more Cris
We need more Cris
We deserve more Cris
Give us the Cris fix that we need
What happened? Is Cris really gone?
We are going to miss you you autistic cunt, it didn't had to be this way.
File: kaliina.webm (2.99 MB, 697x424)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB WEBM
Nah, I just took like 2 days off.

I will resume tomorrow.
Anons were saying that you were with the gods of 3d, glad that you are back
I wanna see your characters animating 24 fps, 30 fps and 60 fps respectively. Thanks
Are you the real one? So you didn't die in the fire accident caused by a broken laptop?
File: monstermobile.webm (3.56 MB, 360x664)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB WEBM
File: arte.png (117 KB, 271x476)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
A day of work.
So you are not the real Cris?
That fire was real?
My thoughts and prayers
I can be whoever I want, nigga.

more work.

Almost finished my newer game.
Only need a few tweaks.

I basically finished it on like 10-15 hours.

My haters utterly BTFO by my final gamedev workflow.

3 days and a game is pretty much finished and can be uploaded to steam, kek.
File: title.png (564 KB, 732x692)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
Master piece of graphic design of the GRAPHIC DESIGN IS MY PASSION sovl school.
>Cris getting psychologists ads
File: aurelio.webm (529 KB, 1031x657)
529 KB
It's 3AM and I was working on this since noon.

But I fucking got it.

It was an idea of twins fighting bugs.

But I will remake it.
the initial idea doesnt work.
File: aurelio.webm (779 KB, 1031x669)
779 KB
bug fixed.
When we are going to get the game about the Aztec girl having Intercourse with the giant bugs?
Never, i'm burned out.
i made more competent shit when i was 14
Brown girls having intercourse with giant bugs now!
File: mockup.png (907 KB, 1154x681)
907 KB
907 KB PNG
Started working on a new angle to my game.
Is this a game about brown girls having Sex with giant cockroaches?
I can't make sexy art, so not porn.
I thought that it was an adult game about brown girls and bugs having a good time.
So, what exactly is this game ?
Not sure.

Basically I'm improvising.
You should try to make a simple game and start refining it from there, without a plan you are going to get burn out, because you don't have any goals to reach.
I was like you when I started, now I just make goals to reach monthly so I don't spend time doing shit that is not necessary
my initial idea was a top down arcade jrpg about pacifica and rosa using catapults to kill bugs.

It just doesnt work.
That sounds good
I can see that idea working if the mechanics of the game are refined
Maybe a co-op with 2different mechanics
File: pacifica.webm (1.02 MB, 1153x650)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB WEBM
last progress of today
Why is she covering her chest?
she's a girl.
which NPC are you supposed to rape? the insects?
That means that she is naked or has a broken outfit? I have never seen a girl covering her breasts while she walks
Yes, the game is about insects fucking Aztec girls
Can you please give us a tutorial on how you make the characters? So we all can use your knowledge on AAA character creation
Yes, tutorial please
>Hentai game with insects
What other types of insects are going to be added?
Cris has never seen how girls act IRL and it shows.
File: pacifica.webm (791 KB, 801x629)
791 KB
More work.

this is awesome mate, keepup the good work
Nice, I can't wait until the fun brown girl/bug hentai part, remember that this is a blue board.
With his skills on 3d I am sure that girls get wet
So this game ends up being an eroge game?
You should do your character more attractive if she is going to be the main character of an adult game, the design is good, she just needs to be more curvy
Cris is an alpha male dude
kek. Go for it, Cris. I want to keep seeing the seething retards
What are you talking about?
Everybody here loves Cris
Cris making a hentai game? Fascinating
cris did you play on the /vt/ yubicraft server? I remember there was a spic there who said they were into game dev
Yes he was, now he is making a hentai game about Aztec girls having fun time with giant bugs
File: 1694568932060561.jpg (55 KB, 617x724)
55 KB

my new genre idea prototipe is finished chuds.

All my years of hard work finally has paid off.
YouTube let you upload hardcore hentai?
That was nasty Cris
What is the music source? It's pretty cool
FFV ocremix remixes.
File: DinoDennys.png (2.42 MB, 2304x1296)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG
You are my inspiration Cris, keep up the good work.

Once i learn some basic retopology i'll turn pic into the most badass Earthbound inspired rpg about depression ever made.
File: 1699922588778745.png (927 KB, 1596x1600)
927 KB
927 KB PNG
I now have a combat system.
I now have a cutscene system.
I now have a world map system.
I now have a town system.
I now have a level and dungeon system.

And honestly, every one of these subsystems now is like a really cheap subsystem to make.
Like holy shit, each one now would take me basically like a week to make from scratch now.

/agdg/ told me I was like the biggest nigger retard to claim I will design an AAA game that I could make in 2 months.

And they kept laughing and call me a deluded subhuman schizo spic retard.

But I won.

After 3 fucking months of just doing failed prototypes.

I did it.

I now have all these nigger subsystems properly designed in some small experiment I made.

I now can finish a complete massive jrpg in 2 months.


I won.
File: 1695311412033825.jpg (85 KB, 1024x988)
85 KB
My dungeon system.

My combat system.

My story and custcenes progression system.

My HQ town system.

Literally like 4-5 months of experiments, just to develop all these sub systems.

But I did it.

I fucking have my really cheap to make totally original game.

An extremelly cheap as fuck complete AAA movie type of game or JRPG that happens to be like retarded in how cheap is to make each system.

I fucking solved videogames.

I am so fucking happy.
Fucking finally.

I did it.
>I now have a combat system.
you don't
>I now have a cutscene system.
you don't
>I now have a world map system.
you don't
>I now have a town system.
you don't
>I now have a level and dungeon system.
you don't

>/agdg/ told me I was like the biggest nigger retard to claim I will design an AAA game that I could make in 2 months.
That is a correct assertion.

>And they kept laughing and call me a deluded subhuman schizo spic retard.
Also correct.

>After 3 fucking months
3 decades*

>I now can finish a complete massive jrpg in 2 months.
You can't.

>My dungeon system.
Nothing about it has anything specific to a dungeon, it's just a mechanically shallow top down shooter

>My combat system.
That's just functionally a shooter but you've made it much more shallower by making the projectiles travel at infinite speed, are invisible, can only be shot up, and you only have 3 possible positions along one axis. And you've abstracted away critical shooter components like spacing and movement to make them just clunkier. (yeah I know it's not actual projecting but you've made logic like "if attack and ennemy in correct position slot, then deal damage", my point is you've just discretized a shooter)

>My story and custcenes progression system.
That's not what a cutscene system does. It's supposed to handle transitions between the playing state and the "scene" state, either abruptly by playing a video, or in an integrated manner by using the engine to animate actors seamlessly. You just have cards shuffling around incoherently from the rest of your systems, so it adds about as much depth as a pre-rendered video and fade out to black.

>My HQ town system.
That's not a town, nor a system, that's a camera orbitting around a blowjob doll. A "town" system would handle entrances, transitions to other maps, actor managements, and layered actor setup (for example, if you have day and night cycles with different sets of actors)
File: bejeta.jpg (41 KB, 405x720)
41 KB
holy fuck....cris won....
Do the anal prolapse hurts anon?
Cris won, go cry to another thread, he is the future of Vidya.

Congrats Cris, we knew that you could do it!
Now finish that hentai RPG with bugs and Aztec girls.
For other Anons making a videogame Learn the difference:

Winner Chad mentality

Loser femboy mentality

Don't be a loser, be more like Cris
File: srysys.png (5 KB, 300x109)
5 KB
Congratulations on your progress, but I don't think I've ever seen an AAA game that looked like *that*
>You have already reported this post
This has nothing to do with /3/. Did nobody apply for janny on this board? What are the nigger mods doing?
He is making a 3d game
>nothing to do with /3/
Are you feeling ok anon, did you took your meds today?
I am making a 3d anime, I should not be able to post on /3/because is an anime then?
Make it make sense.
No. Same reason you shouldn't post a game on /ic/ just because it's 2d. Kill yourself latinx tranny.
File: 1629482628558.jpg (39 KB, 368x451)
39 KB
Going to use gdevelop for my idea instead of godot.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (68 KB, 1280x720)
68 KB
The first AAA game was Final Fantasy 7.
Then what you can post here you mentally ill bugchaser?
This is a 3dcg board, he is posting 3d game related wips.
Are you angry because the girl in the game is not a trap anon?
File: 157944839257.png (47 KB, 860x703)
47 KB

Took a couple hours, but I got a basic prototype of my combat.
And I already like this more than what I made with godot.
>cris switches to windows
>instantly makes game
He's the autistic jester of /3/
Cris is a spic. Shoulda known from the poor im English.
That looks pretty decent.

Now go make a game with it. And this time finish it.
File: pacifica.webm (776 KB, 1156x648)
776 KB
Started working on my combat system but with godot.
Can you share more of your 3d work with us Cris?
File: 25 April.png (712 KB, 1138x653)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
File: pacifica.webm (892 KB, 1156x648)
892 KB
Last progress of today.
File: pacifica.webm (885 KB, 1156x648)
885 KB
Daily progress.
Nice, are the red balls going to be naked brown girls in the final h-game?
I have plans for H games, but not this one.
File: pacifica.webm (887 KB, 1156x648)
887 KB
I turned a fucking bug now into a feature, where the player has to have the charged button, a stock and then do a hadouken input, then wait 0.1 second and then release the shoot button.

This is amazing, chuds.
you can do this cris!
I used to hate you, but really I think you can improve buddy!
Just please Stick with one engine
File: 1682346355785284.gif (476 KB, 194x269)
476 KB
476 KB GIF
God, the magical source creator.
In his infinite wisdom.
Has arranged a sequence of events, so dearly, in my heart and soul.
To properly craft the syphil conjunct event lineage.

To cause in me, a situation, a resolve of motivation in my conception of my soul.

A medical emergency, of my dearest friend, who was loyal to me since he was a cub.
A surgery, who suddenly I lack the monetary gains to solve this joke of the destiny.

At the same time.
The deadline, ironically, and by magical forces.
Of the nowhere to be seen land, has prompted, into the malkut and yasodian realms, of the platonic square.

The concomitant need, to require me, to suceed.
To succeed, to win, to BTFO the industry.

I can't wait anymore.
I have to basically set th deadline to January.
I need to begin my life journey and craft a masterpiece.

An eternal masterpiece of ludo art.

My own self put deadline, has caused a magical situation in the malkut realm, to force me to bring from the magical realm of his eternal beauty, an eternal KINO.

To BTFO the satanic state of this industry.
File: cris.webm (789 KB, 250x140)
789 KB
My haters BTFO again.

My new game It's finally at the point where it reaches the old grandma secret family sauce point, chuds.

BTFO again.

by old school vidya arcade secret sauce, straight from 1980 nagoya japanese secret sauce, chuds.

Time to BTFO the industry.

More or less the first loop is finished.
Unrelated to cris, but I'm starting a art cord with a 3d channel, hope you can join cris
File: pacifica.webm (1.15 MB, 1156x656)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB WEBM
YSort implemented.
File: lmao at 3D cucks.png (6 KB, 332x123)
6 KB
lmao, at this.
The only one working and not sperging about maya or blender.
We all need to be more like Cris
Cris is the soul of/3/
File: gui mockup.png (319 KB, 1156x656)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
GUI mockup done.
This is a mock up you'll make better later right?
File: timer.png (620 KB, 800x800)
620 KB
620 KB PNG
timer sketch done.
File: GUI.png (141 KB, 1153x680)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
Starting working on my GUI, chuds.
File: GUI.png (208 KB, 1155x681)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
GUI sketch finished.
File: pacifica.webm (1.2 MB, 1156x656)
1.2 MB
GUI almost finished.
File: gui.png (144 KB, 1156x683)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
Started to replace my GUI
Is it Godot? If it's Godot you may become the first (or second or something like that) person in the world who was able to make a playable game in it.
Sexy brown Aztec girls and insects, Nice!
Is true that it's going to be an h-game?
Cris is truly amazing
File: girl.webm (409 KB, 960x540)
409 KB
didnt dev today, but I learned to do this.

So, I still improved in my gamedev skills.


I don't want to make an H game.

Doesn't really add nothing to my game, except being a pain in the ass to try to release in stores and consoles if I make it H.
File: gui.png (151 KB, 1154x680)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
More work.
File: gui.png (135 KB, 1152x680)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
almost finished.
Try breaking the tile of the grass a little bit, with patches of mud or flowers
Petition to change the name of /3/ for /cris/
Who is with me?
But there already is a Cris board.
You're saying this to a man who doesn't even make his grass textures tile. Pretty sure he knows something you don't, so trust the plan
the model looks ok, the toon shader is shitty
So you are not with me then?

Change /3/ to /Cris/, it's the only way to save this dying board
It's a placeholder anon.

Honestly, I think the issue is that I need to basically keyframe a 2D animation using something like flash symbol libraries, but with grease pencil.

I need to find a grease pencil symbol library addon to properly keyframe a 2D head.
File: 1618881605156.png (315 KB, 414x410)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
Man, I need to restart again my project.
All my code so far is worthless.
Is garbage.

And not modular.
And I didn't knew the most basic CS gamedev shit like a command signal queue, and my code is spaggetti.
And I didn't made modular plugins for diferent elements of my game.
And my input is not properly an input buffer in a separate module.

Nor my singletons managers are properly made.
Not I have basic shit like singal API between my modules.

It's garbage.
And so It has to be totally scrapped.

But I need to basically spent now a month reading CS books.

I need to scrap my fucking project now.
Just spend the next five years finding the ultimate AAA coding workflow and project structure
That shit doesn't matter if you don't need it.
File: my art progress.png (687 KB, 1767x1578)
687 KB
687 KB PNG

Daily reminder, I've been practicing every day non stop since 20 April 2005.

And I've practiced every gamedev skill.

When I literally say I will destroy the industry.
I'm not joking.

I'm like a nigga that has practice every day since April 2005.
Non stop.
Every day.

And this picture is like 1/4 of all the shit I've thrown away because I run out of space.

I will destroy this industry.

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