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File: 1683792706570393.jpg (13 KB, 499x499)
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So this is all you need to get a job with a major player like MPC nowadays?
I feel like many people here have better reels than that
MPC is a toxic shit show dude
They outsource workers from Bangalore and when the assets come back fucked at the 11th hour all the employees are rewarded with a weekend pizza party fixing all the fucked shit
Nightmare to do anything in these companies, because the artists get to work on 5+ yo hardware. Shithole of a company and subhuman leadership, shit pay, crunch till you drop. Fuck this fucking place, fuck it to hell. And FUCK pixomondo too. Fucking shit company. Plus it is all infested with faggotry and niggershit. Fuck it all.
Especially lighting artists. Lowest of lowlifes, come from their faggoty art school to shit on senior texture and animation artists, that the scene doesn't go with their 3 point light setup and to redo the fucking materials and reanimate a scene, because he can't find a way to light some fucking shine, that's done in comp anyways.
These people should be slapped sensless and put 10 years to work, before being allowed to touch a computer at all.
Fucking worthless waste of life. Fucking rich cunts and faggots. Holy shit. Fuck this
anyone working in VFX is a fucking spineless cunt.
I really hope this isn't the new normal
is it really that bad? Allan McKay makes it sound like stuff like that doesn't happen anymore in the industry
>Allan McKay makes it sound like stuff like that doesn't happen anymore in the industry
Wouldn't want to deter fresh canon fodder.
This is correct.

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