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File: cave.jpg (893 KB, 2048x2910)
893 KB
893 KB JPG
Going to try to make this in Maya this week.
Any tips or tuts before I get started would be appreciated.
File: uhduuuuh.jpg (54 KB, 1133x748)
54 KB
This was my first attempt before I dropped it. Going to start over.
Yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing.
File: rocknroll.jpg (32 KB, 510x724)
32 KB
So, I'm going to start with blocking out larger chuncks for the foreground, middle ground, background and water. Keeping it relatively low poly and avoid details like the foliage and rocks.
For the rocks and foliage, I'll make separate models, but I don't want to duplicate so many of the rocks, amping up the model count. I don't know how to approach that. I want to save whatever extra models for the foliage.
bro, skip all the bullshit
go download UE5 and try to collage that scene together with megascans. anything else in this day and age will be a waste of time
File: rockway.jpg (57 KB, 900x653)
57 KB
Alright, I'll give it a go.
How well can you stylize the pre made assets tho? Are they all going to be hyper real?
dude just fucking die. no one cares about you or your retarded ass jungle scene. if gigantic, critter-infested holes with untrimmed hedges around them interest you so much then go fuck the street whore that shit you into this godforsaken world.
>Build the cliffs/grounds out of lowpoly geo with a tiling scan texture. Tesselate + displace it.
>Use particles/procedurals to spawn rock scans on your ground (not sure how you do that in Maya but use the same technique as foliage)
>Use scans for the logs
>Buy a couple tree + plant models, or make them yourself in speedtree (use scans for leaf/bark)
>Use speedtree for the hanging vines
>Figure out how to do a proper water shader, do absorbtion, refraction, surface waves, water line with bubbles + debris around objects
>Get some procedural moss on your rocks, start with shaders + textures but you can supplement with tiny autistic moss meshes
>Use the same procedurals to spawn foliage on the ground, pebbles on the ground, dead leaves on the ground, dead leaves in the water. Remember to paint unique scene-wide masks or vary your breakup so your procedurals show where you want them to be and don't look dumb as shit.

And don't forget to
>Block out camera + FOV
>Block out scene
>Block out lighting
>Check PBR values (texture albedo, light color + intensity, exposure, correct SSS color + depth on foliage)
Don't trust scans to be accurate, many of them have bad calibration including Megascans.

If you don't want to use scans you can learn how to do all this by hand, it'll take a couple years.

Hope this helps.
they will be hyper real, but they're just assets. you can stylize and curate it as much as you want, the only limiting factor is you
Thanks. I don't know what half these words mean, but i'll look em' up. and continue.
Good to know.
I'm going to continue with Maya along with messing with Unreal. I'm in the midst of downloading it after the Unity bull shit. I want to keep the renders not terribly high in poly count so potatoes can run em'
with nanite you can run incredibly heavy scenes in unreal, check that out too
>I'm going to continue with Maya along with messing with Unreal
honestly, its for the best. Unreal could pull the same shit Unity is doing so its best to not put all your eggs in one basket.
>Thanks. I don't know what half these words mean, but i'll look em' up. and continue.
You are not ready. Start by looking up tutorials with visibly good results and follow them.
Will Maya work for me with 8GB of RAM and without a graphics card?
There is a lot of work in 3D modelling in my country, and I want to learn...
File: rocklobsta.jpg (65 KB, 1008x667)
65 KB
Figured out how to tile textures. I understand what Tesselate and a Displacement map are now, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to activate them in my version of maya.2019. Managed to get a bump map going for it a little.
As for scanning logs, I think I'll just model em.
File: rockpepole.jpg (115 KB, 1307x694)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Well, I think I got this at a good base to start with to add some single rocks, logs, and trees. I want to add moss to the rocks without adding polygons , idk. the vines are already adding more geo. I'll figure it out later.

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