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How is the cg career going anon? You did spend time over the past decade plus working on your skills so you aren't made obsolete by AI or you aren't stuck doing shitty monkey work for the next 35 years. Right?

Please tell me you've paid off your house and don't have a 30 year jew chain still around your neck...
I unironically wanted to get a career in CG while I was finishing up my degree. I always enjoyed the process behind world/narrative building.

I realized however that since I like CG work I really wanted to keep it as a hobby.
If you do something you love right and there is a potential, the money will come.
If you do something purely for the money, then your work becomes something you create so you can sell, and in turn from my experience the work suffers.

I have a good separate career where I can transfer my design skills, and I have peace of mind about my future for myself and my family.

Sometimes you got to pay your dues to do what you really want, and that is OK.
if you aren't robbing a liqour store at gunpoint to pay for a personal render farm do you even belong in this industry?

my career was over before it began, since i dont live near the industry and my money conversion rates get absolutely mogged by people living in the 3rd world who are willing to do the same job as i do (1st world)
this is a Cris thread, he has his own thread too, please just ignore him.

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