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Uni is forcing me to get a summer job. I don't care where or how but I have to find one.

I'll take anything, Minecraft Monster school animations, crappy looking Turkish mobile games. Where can I find positions like that? Just easy unremarkable shit that doesn't require 5 years experience on the job listing.

I need a place to get my foot in the door and apply what I'm just starting to learn.
Be a 16-year-old Asian prodigy in a 3rd world country
Does the job have to be related to what you're studying? Also, you should post this in >>>/adv/ for better replies.
Create a profile on artsation
Upload images of at least 3 complex works to show off your skills
Apply at dev company by sending your cv directly, don't forget to link your artstation profile
Apply as a janny. You're a larper, have no experience with 3D or life in general, and you don't even have the mental capacity to acquire any of those skills.
That makes you the perfect candidate do to become a janny on this board and the pay is going to be adequate.
"We are not accepting applications for janitors at this time"

try and find an internship in an actual indie studio which has a website and everything. Do not, DO NOT, respond to random fucks looking for cheap work on their shitty mobile game. They'll spam dms to anyone they think they can exploit. Obviously it's not the case for everyone but try and avoid those if you can

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