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we all know the kind of people they're firing
It doesnt mean anything. Unity is still strong. 99.9999999% of games made with unreal perform absolutely horribly. Remember that Jedi Survivor disaster?

Games that perform really well and look just as good are on custom engines like RE Engine.
>Games that perform really well and look just as good are on custom engines like RE Engine.
wow its almost like custom engines don't have bloat shit and can run well on low end hardware
No, unreal engine is just that horrible and additionally jedi survivor looks horrible
Unitrannies BTFO. You just cant compete with Unreal 5
File: 1680728668530354.png (99 KB, 720x948)
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cope more you ugly chudcel
Is unity ever going to fully implement ziva so I can natively simulate tissue without using Maya??
Forget about ziva my bro
File: bugs tired.jpg (56 KB, 553x569)
56 KB
>Unreal is taking over the AAA devs
>Godot is taking over the indies

Seriously what market does unity has now?

Pajeet mobile scams?
Chink mobile gachas?
Unity rn is only popular because it is popular, you can get a lot more support from the community than for godot and that's a value in itself. Not really a recipe for long term success tho
It's over.
Did godot update their fucking garbage documentation yet? That might make me actually use it.
Unity on the high end perform like absolute ass too. Using URP or HDRP. But the legacy engine and esp the deffered path is able to do amazing things at silky frame rates. Deffered was abandoned all too soon by unity to chase the high fidelity dragon, useless to almost any studio that would use unity in the first place since you need to be AAA or at least AA to create production assets for something that warrant such render-tech.

At the core unity has so many qualities but it's so mismanaged and scatterbrained in terms of how they focus their effort at improving it.
godot seems like one of those hobbyist traps *cough* blender *cough* where dreams go to die.
You people don't understand why we use Unity.

It's much much much faster than everything else in turnaround time and iteration, period. It gives you at the very least Half Life Alyx level graphics. Its performant.

Unreal engine in any form is an a-b-o-m-i-n-a-t-i-o-n in comparison to the above points.
i had hope that unreal engine would finally support a modern language, but instead of adding rust or kotlin or anything like that, they rolled their own goofy functional language that's like something straight out of academia circa 1990. unreal engine is awful.
>Godot has its own built-in scripting language, GDScript, a high-level, dynamically typed programming language which is syntactically similar to Python.
>has its own language
yeah fuck that shit
>He doesn't know

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