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File: awful.png (3.86 MB, 2561x1334)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB PNG
how can I fix this face???? I'm trying to make a semi-realistic sculpt of Chuck from the comic series Weapon Brown but it keeps looking nothing like the character. Any tips or feedback to make this look more like the character I'm going for? I'm new to realistic organic sculpting.

I don't know anything about anatomy btw ive just been dicking around until it starts to look sort of okay
you have zero understanding of anatomy. Your only option is to learn to draw traditionally. Come back in a couple of years.
You're like a rocket scientist who tries to build a rocket without understanding physics.
You will fail and fail again until you start learning the fundamentals.
File: NotChuck.jpg (52 KB, 930x797)
52 KB
You can´t. You can´t fix perfection.
Anyone who comment without posting his own work - and ASSUMING this is really yours - need to be completely ignored in this board.
But me? Witness me. See my Not Chuck in pic related. Hear me. Hear my words in your own voice while you read this. Yes, just like that. Good boy.
Now paint your model. Your beautiful, perfect chuck model.
RIG your model. Your perfect, painted chuck model.
ANIMATE your model. Your perfectly rigged, painted, sculpted chuck model.
DUB your animated,rigged,painted,sculpted chuck model in your perfectly writen animation opus that you will render yourself. Post results. Hear the cry of the poster on your own head. Bless the posters who compliment. Curse the posters who harass and move on with your beautiful animator live. Live on. LIVE ON.
Please never stop doing this
ignore these retards, for a being new it's not the worst thing ever, that said:

you need to understand the forms of the face and should watch a couple videos on basic forms of the head. Also, sculpt at a lower resolution and focus on the forms, not the details (like wrinkles)

gl and keep at it anon
File: heart-attack.jpg (14 KB, 378x301)
14 KB
>makes it more more cartoony and exaggerated than the fucking reference
mate what the fuck are you doing just look at your reference. that's a neato sculpt though but also what in the goddamn
Unironically delete it and start over.
You added too much detail too soon.
The shapes are a fucking mess, everything is a fucking mess, and you thought you could save it by bumping the resolution and adding lmaowrinkes.

Seriously, start over.
why aren't you using symmetry?
pretty good for a start
you should start over though and try to just make a realistic human head using reference from real people
you can use "PureRef" which is really helpfull

make 5 heads until next week
but dont get to far into detail
just try to get the basic shape right
after this practice you will become like 200x better than now
if you do it for a couple of weeks just training on heads and next starting to learn the anatomy of other parts of the body you will get better in no time

try to find a PDF of the book "anatomy for sculptures" i think its actually in the pinned thread

good luck and dont get demorilized by elitist
shit heads telling you to quit i'm sure their first few models look way worse than Chad chuck

good luck bro!
pretty good so far
>get image as planes blender plugin
>add in side shot/front shot and line it up
>add skull underneath (optional)
Can you post a model, maybe we can show how to fix it
File: bigguy3.jpg (437 KB, 1641x800)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
Youre using too many different refs, pick one or two and stick to them.
Block out basic shapes, proportions and anatomy first before worrying about secondary shapes and surface details like wrinkles.
Main thing wrong with the proportions in your sculpt that makes it look so weird is the neck, notice how the buff dude youre trying to sculpt has a massive thick neck that informs the viewer that this is a buff dude. Necks are super important and skinny neck automatically makes you look like a wimp
Also, doesnt Blender have symmetry? For faces you should start with symmetrical sculpt and break it and pose it once youre done with the base sculpt

Picrel is my 45 min sketch based on one of the refs you posted, its got a long way to go but its a starting point that has all the core elements
File: 0b8fe054.png (115 KB, 256x256)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
incredible! I could nitpick that it doesn't have a personal touch, but that was the point, and you hit it head on.
Fuck off chris
>Doesn't know who 3DGuy is
>Spells cris with an h
I mean, I haven't been here the longest time either, but...
You don't have to understand anatomy when you're using reference, you just have to understand what your reference is showing you.
When it comes to line drawings (bottom three images) you have to remember that each stroke defines a contour. This contour usually takes the form of a silhouette of a region as opposed to something like a crease/wrinkle.
Furthermore, some of your sculpt's features just plain have the wrong shape. For example, your nose is bottom heavy while the reference shows a rectangle that may be slightly tapered at the bottom from which the nostrils protrude out. Your nose's profile is completely off.

A good example would be >>941041
The only real critique I have of that is that the reference shows convex cheeks while the sculpt has concave cheeks.

Basically, get the shapes right before adding detail.
Don't start from a primitive and try to sculpt your way to the finished product but first build out the different forms.
File: 1624550584966.jpg (774 KB, 1080x1080)
774 KB
774 KB JPG
Wtf, I thought you guys said /3/ doesnt know how to sculpt?

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