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how can I make a model and 3d print it so it fits? I made an airsoft mag (non functional) but the first print didnt fit bcs it was too large, so I tweaked my design and printed it again. now it is too small and falls out on its own. every attempt takes a few hours so I'm fucking mad at that retarded technology and at myself bcs I can't apprehend it
why not copy a mag that works per dimensions and sand don just the part being inserted if its a bit too big
> copy a mag that works per dimensions
thats what I literally did
> just the part being inserted
I also tried sanding and filing but I broke the wall of the printed mag while doing it
I suppose you have to calibrate your machine to see why the fuck does that, also >>>/diy/2581294
thanks for pointing me to /diy, I had no idea that 3d printing is there
you have one in tg related to minis and tabletop things too >>>/tg/88077313
every printer is different, so you should work out the tolerance to insert between the parts.
simplest way:
>print a small part (a cylinder) of a certain diameter
>another part with couple holes gradually increasing in diameter by lets say 0.1 mm
>find the hole that has the desired type of fit (for my printer 0.3mm results in a tight fit)
>edit your actal part and ensure there is a gap of this size between the parts

if you are worried about printing a whole useless part, you can just print the piece that matters to the fit by itself. Its normal to do several bad prints before arriving at a part that fits well
Using a set of cheap digital micrometers/calipers helps a lot, set it to mm and measure the magazine that works and adjust your model to that in your program. Generally resin printing has a tolerance of 0.05mm so you'll be pretty close one the object is cured but sometimes it'll lengthen along the tall axis and shrink along the wider axis' especially along the x axis because resin is a bit flexible and can pull off the build plate a bit around the edges, making a wider base for your object to sit on or making your build plate more textured with sandpaper will help if that's the issue. More flexible resins warp more but are more durable but yeah they can cause some trouble in that regard. Just remember to hollow out your model too to get good drainage and cure in the sunlight in a baggie as that causes less shrinkage.

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