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how can I make a model and 3d print it so it fits? I made an airsoft mag (non functional) but the first print didnt fit bcs it was too large, so I tweaked my design and printed it again. now it is too small and falls out on its own. every attempt takes a few hours so I'm fucking mad at that retarded technology and at myself bcs I can't apprehend it
why not copy a mag that works per dimensions and sand don just the part being inserted if its a bit too big
> copy a mag that works per dimensions
thats what I literally did
> just the part being inserted
I also tried sanding and filing but I broke the wall of the printed mag while doing it
I suppose you have to calibrate your machine to see why the fuck does that, also >>>/diy/2581294
thanks for pointing me to /diy, I had no idea that 3d printing is there
you have one in tg related to minis and tabletop things too >>>/tg/88077313
every printer is different, so you should work out the tolerance to insert between the parts.
simplest way:
>print a small part (a cylinder) of a certain diameter
>another part with couple holes gradually increasing in diameter by lets say 0.1 mm
>find the hole that has the desired type of fit (for my printer 0.3mm results in a tight fit)
>edit your actal part and ensure there is a gap of this size between the parts

if you are worried about printing a whole useless part, you can just print the piece that matters to the fit by itself. Its normal to do several bad prints before arriving at a part that fits well

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