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Anyone else think this game has really mediocre looking assets?
Post your work anon
What game is it.
Suck me
New star wars game recently announced. The whole trailer has this weird art style.
>this weird art style.

Spider verse syndrome I call it. Now every one wants to hide shit with janky shaders and shit animation.
It's just render-tech outpacing the talent. Now that we have highly realistic shading everything will look like this somewhat silly toy figure juxtaposed with the environments and quality of lighting.

Didn't look too bad in stills but seeing it in motion I agree with Op, It starts to have the same feel as if one would make a serious sci-fi film with assets that look more like off-the-shelf Halloween costumes than film assets.
File: re4.jpg (1.36 MB, 1920x1080)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
I really haven't found any new videogames that I
think look good. This is the hd mod in this image btw.
this, the pre-substance games with hand-drawn and photographed textures look way more pleasing. today everything looks like a blob of wax
>today everything looks like a blob of wax
this has more to do with sub surface scattering being available in game engines and whoever responsible for implementing the shader not applying it correctly.
That horned bigfoot actually has more sovl then most professional shit I have seen. And yes, you can have sovl without being autistic indie that is bad at his job
Star Wars has always been aesthetically bonkers, if not bad.
Halo Infinite had this substance problem. The models looked fine, but were brought down bad by how fucking muddy the textures were. It was as if the artists had used default substance materials on everything.

It doesn't help that a lot of Halo Infinites designs look like kids toys.
File: B312.png (934 KB, 786x715)
934 KB
934 KB PNG
Here's an example of hand drawn textures on reach's Spartans. The amount of detail is fantastic compared to the grey blobs Infinite's models call wear and tear.
File: abab.jpg (67 KB, 881x677)
67 KB
Is that the subsurface scatter making this all blurry? I feel like it's the bloom as well and the specular level being too high.
It does make it blurry, well depending on the settings and the quality settings of the engine.
In UE5 subsurface scattering does overlay translucent copies of the mesh onto itself several times. This becomes noticeable on closeups, if the engine scalability settings are too low, insufficient hardware performance, etc...
Here lies the problem: It may look close to photo realistic with maxed out setting, for UE5 this means epic or cinematic but look totally different with lower settings.
The waxy look is also a common phenomena when using subsurface scattering even with production renderers where it doesn't get blurry. But it is again dependent on the number of samples the path tracer uses.

To mitigate these problems you can use a very close up low resolution test viewport set to the highest quality possible and tune the look of the material from there. Then use the same viewport with performance settings and tweak settings until it looks as close as possible to the reference and tweak accordingly.
File: kt.png (568 KB, 1024x604)
568 KB
568 KB PNG
Halo Reach still looks great today.

Even the animations excel modern triple A titles because the animators actually had the required time to give attention and detail to their job; instead of having to hit 15 new animations by the end of the month.


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