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Welcome to a new world of uninspired garbage limited only by your imagination.
soulless but I suppose mediocrity is in now
First off, I believe it when I see it in production.

>It's over
On that this commercial has one but misguided insight: AI is just a tool
The problem is everything that's coming out now (especially this( is made to cut down the workforce. I don't want to get all /pol/ in here just say the economy has to crash hard for that mindset to change.
File: ratpoint.jpg (41 KB, 513x513)
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You shilled this already and nobody gave a shit, will repeat myself:
we had these for literal decades. You know the toy apps you use to make a funny skeleton on screen mimic your face on webcam? You know vtubers? It's literally the same thing.
>can't do more than 1 character at a time
>can't make characters interact
>will 100% shit itself with more complex movement like fighting / dancing / etc.
>facial animation is stiff and actually worse than 10 year old webcam apps
>walking is impressive so if all you want to do is make a funny cartoon robot walk, bingo?
>will still need someone to model and rig the characters so literally not a threat to /3/ at all
File: wmm.jpg (42 KB, 356x303)
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Microsoft 3D Movie Maker
lols this
you're responding to cris, a literal schizo third-worlder. just report his spam threads and ignore him.
i like to think its just one guy hating on cris and there is this back and forth rivalry on here for which on is the most schizo.
>>Spielberg shits on AI
>>Is on the Advisory Board for AI company

is he, perhaps, jewish?
everything that they show is already possible, even with open source tools. you just need to glue a lot of github projects together and present it in a polished gui.
Does not fuck over /3/ because it still needs the model. It is basically no different then mocap, just cheaper, and still works only with humanoids. Far better shilling is this https://cascadeur.com/ because it allows retards like you Cris to make just as good animations as the program you posted, but with more control. All you need to do is make 3 keyframes and it automatically calculated potential physics and wiggling to make it look hyper realistic.

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