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File: mfw this shit.gif (2.31 MB, 200x200)
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So basically the more logical prediction to this AI shit is that it will replace most render engines methods instead of like making 3D artists and animators obsolete?

Because after using this AI tech since it was leaked on /g/ in august, I don't see how a normie retard will make industry shit with this tech.

It's more likely at some point it will become just a render engine for 2D and 3D tools to make some compositing or likely some node 2D houdini or some render engine for initially 3D animations.

I would be afraid if I were a render engine, but not if I were an artist.

If anything this will save days of work if you can simply input a crappy low poly garbage then make the AI model to fix and render into the finished result the art director has made the concept art previously.
Yeah, it'll save days of work but don't worry, everyone's job is still safe. I'm so sleepy, anybody else feel sleepy? I'll just lie down and... zzz...
Just out of curiosity... Are you the same guy who years ago was obsessed with photogrammetry and was sure that that was the future?
File: NotARobot.webm (1.66 MB, 1920x1080)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB WEBM
The panic around AI reminds me of when in 15th century guns begun to replace bows and all the bowmen were upset about that, except the soldiers adapted and begun to use the new tech instead within a few decades.
Saying AI will destroy our jobs is the same as saying 'replacing gun with bow will destroy warfare', when in reality it'll just be another new tool to work with and nothing else.
I mean sure chatgpt might destroy your shitty 'did you turn it off and on again' tech support job or some other shit like sweatshop animation but at the end of the day you will still need artists, coders, designers and others to guide the soulless machine.
Please shut up and join panic club.
Type the captcha here
It's more like having a bow and nukes get invented
File: y1629806535690.jpg (173 KB, 786x576)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
I bet you're more accurate than you realize.
>Invent nukes
>Use them once
>Realize shit's fucked and that all the bullshit you'll deal with if you do is just not worth it
>Use the tech for power instead
>Still fight wars with a variation of 'delivers a sharp thing really fast at the enemy'
It'll probably be the same with AI and art, once the gold rush ends a few tools that are useful but niche will remain, like I personally use an AI image upscaler, but a vast majority of tourist interest will move on to the next current thing.
>Realize shit's fucked and that all the bullshit you'll deal with if you do is just not worth it
it literally destroys assets that you want to utilize, thats the main problem, but the real reason to not use nukes was to justify cold war BS and involvement in politics of other nations

really weird comparison you both chose to make
I constantly see my friends crying about AI "endangering" their careers. it is so goddamn annoying, whining bitch-baby type shit honestly, can't think further than "ohhh it did better than meee" you're just an insecure dumbass.
Yeah probably. Sadly it's pretty hard to find someone who actually cares about the technology to have a nuanced convo with. So many "people" posting about AI are just faggot shitposters and youtubers chasing trends for profit
>you could be someone else
>you could be someone else japan
I hate to be the fucker that says "nice cope retards", but this is indeed coping. We can see that it works, not just in principle, but also in practice and very well. Also, it is not limited behind some expensive equipment, or limited by realism. It will take a long time to perfect, and getting anything really specific is basically impossible with AI, but it has the power to replace you guys. AI can in theory produce anything that can be put in words, or can be implied with a prompt. It can copy any kind of style, so it has no hard limitations. While I think most directors will still keep hiring human artists to work for them just because it gives out more specific results, and because anybody who enjoys creating something beautiful and be creative sees working with this thing as pretty disgusting, it will eventually replace the end product users.

Commercial artist and /3/ have nothing to worry about because the people who would hire them will continue hiring them. The real problem will begin when the people who will hire you get automated themselves, and when you will just be able to prompt full movies and videogames from just one text window.
>you will just be able to prompt full movies and videogames from just one text window.
kek. the pathetic, juvenile, child-like thought that this will happen ever is never gonna get old

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