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I forgot the shortcut keys to everything I learned in just a matter of days.
shortcut hotkeys are not a matter of remembering in your active mind. they are a matter of muscle memory, more like learning guitar or something. you need to drill your hotkeys over and over again and then after a few weeks or so they get ingrained in your subconscious muscle memory, not part of your active recall.

also helps to keep a cheat sheet nearby while you are still learning and drilling them. if you are watching tutorial videos and following along, get a bit of scratch paper and write down the hotkeys they use as they go. the act of writing it down will also help to commit it to your longterm memory
Like >>934887 said, but I'd also add that shortcuts are supposed to be just that, shortcuts.
They're not meant to be thought of as commands you should use to operate a program over interacting with it with a mouse, they're just meant to be time savers for actions you do repeatedly.
If it's something you do once in a blue moon, it offers you no advantage to know that shortcut. The time save there is negligible because you never use it.
If it's something you're doing constantly, every time you use the shortcut you're saving time. Because it's a shortcut. Those shortcuts you're using constantly because you're doing that operation constantly, those are the ones that are going to be drilled into your muscle memory for longer than you'd think. Use them often enough and you could go years without touching that software, and you could come back and use them subconsciously after a few minutes. It's just like riding a bike.

Learning how to use a program doesn't mean learning every key combination to operate that program without touching a mouse like some 31337 computer hacker, it means knowing what operations are useful to reach a result, that's it. When you take notice of those operations and decide to try out using the shortcut, that's just icing on the cake.
The whole idea people have of using a program from the keyboard only using shortcuts, to the point of needing convoluted cheat-sheets and drills is really dumb to me, and needs to end. Your brain will take care of that if you're using the shortcuts that save you time. You'll remember the important ones and your brain will filter out the ones you don't need.
that means you never truly learned them.
shortcuts are about motor memory, which doesn't disappear fast once you developed it.
just get a cheat sheet off google. and don't bother learning shortcuts unless you are actually going to be using them on the reg.
just print them in a fuck paper fagot
>change keyboard
guess the keyboard shortcuts are useless now
>learn how to play piano on one piano
>unable to play on any other piano in existence
please tell me you're joking.

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