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Something about Sonic Prime just seems...off. The graphics seem to be the biggest drawback and seem like Unity 2021 in-game graphics. Even videogame Sonic cutscenes seem to have had better graphics than this show. The graphics of the show look overly...manufactured. Like all their eyes just look made of plastic and everything else does also.

The scripting, staging, choreography etc. just seems, overly bland. The voice acting seems ok but not great. Their choice of using rainbow dash for tails just seems...strange. I prefer when he sounded like a gay furry. And amy doesn't sound like...amy, she sounds suprisingly normal for some reason.

I didn't watch the rest of the show because it was so boring. Maybe the show has some kind of interesting plot but I couldn't get past how unimmersive the graphics and everything else was.

Show seems like Eggman made this show just to wear down sonic fans. If he loses to sonic in combat then his next idea was to make a shitty sonic show maybe?

I don't understand why this tv show has such good reviews, maybe they are review shills.
buddy I thing you're on the wrong board, round these parts we shitpost about hating different modeling software and yell at the local schizo brown boy named cris.
cris thread?
No, he does NOT need another thread.
I refuse to watch it based on the fact that they nerfed rouge's tits.

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