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File: img-2023-01-24-07-39-45.png (68 KB, 1920x978)
68 KB
so gfxpeers is kill and i dont have cgpeers.
is there any other cg related private/public trackers out there or are these the only two so far?
you need to get a job
thats why i need to pirate. how do they expect me to have "5 Years experience in Maya is required. Experience in 3ds is a plus" bullshit?
You need 5 years experience while working at a company that uses that software.
Why don’t you just use torrents? All the malware in the world will still cost you less than an Autodesk subscription.
a cgpeers invite costs 15 (fifteen) USD (united states dollars)
just go on a random tracker marketplace and buy it
File: COPE.jpg (276 KB, 1869x1022)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
mmmmm... sweet sweet piracy...
this happens every x months
it'll come back in a few days
look at all those trojans / miners
It’s not the same anymore when a few users that regularly uploaded torrents vanished into thin air for some god damn reason then you have the mods just taking cgpersia courses and uploading them to cgpeers lmao. It’s been 2 years since there was a major 3d course drop and that will never happen again.
it's not done, they do this every 4 weeks without exception. server belongs to third-worlders and they basically shut it down for 4-5 days per month to extort 50$-100$ from gullible idiots.

in their forums someone even mentioned that their donations-ticker doesn't even update/include their donations after they were successful.

i honestly don't mind since pirating 3d software is never an urgent thing and they have every important release that cgpeers has.

if you want a cgpeers invite desperately you literally just have to google "buy cgpeers invite" and spend 50-90$.
I bought mine for 15$ from a random pajeet and it just werks
pyw. Lets see what you really learned.
>he bought lmao
Ohnonono anon, cgp mods aren't idiots btw.
I just like to hoard/archive stuff
2 years and counting anon-kun
>I just like to hoard/archive stuff
thats what I thought. You are probably glowing visible from space
there's so many of them on bilibili now that never get upped because of rules against watermarks

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