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File: archviz#2.jpg (1.09 MB, 1920x1080)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
Everything /archviz/ /arch/ related.

I must say that the previous thread was kinda wholesome so I'm making a new one.

Previous thread: >>924307
I'm a fucking idiot copied the text of /sqtddtot/.

Old thread is >>918693

Welcome to /archviz/. I think your best bet would be to start with skp.

Look at this https://youtu.be/XeUuWesrJGU

A huge chunk of professional architects use skp as their 3d modelling suite. It has tons of documentation and its easy to learn and master.

Also it has cool 3rd party rendering plugins and you can make pretty awesome images with it.
File: Test 14.jpg (3.77 MB, 5760x5760)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB JPG

Right now I'm making variations on this little 45sqmts apartment for a project in hot climate.
Anyone have a link to pirate Substance painter?
did you have to make all those props or were they all premade?
All fixed furniture was made up to design specs.
Bathroom, kitchen and shower fixtures are made specifically for those brands so I have the original files. Bed, clothes, books and planters are evermotion assets modiefied to be more optimized. Chairs where modelled fon another project so I had them. Doors and windows are parametric objects coded by me.
Use getintopc has great substance torrents.
Do you guys know any good website to download floor plans for apartments and buildings? I've tried a few, but most either suck or is paywalled
It's in spanish but it's vast.

File: Test 9.png (2.19 MB, 2255x798)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
Just had to render 70 360 panoramas at 6k.That almost fucked my servers but I managed. Just made the calculation in Rebus and that would have cost me 750euro. That is almost the price of a new render node with a good ryzen 5600 and 64gb of ram. How do you guys manage big rendering projects/ animations?
>How do you guys manage big rendering projects/ animations?
I've never did such massive projects, at most I've rendered 4k stills for a few hours. Have you thought of passing these costs to your clients? It's a very unusual project you have there. Some folks I know would rather use render farms over local servers too.
I always give the option to the client to pay for a render farm and get the images in 1 day and pay the fee or wait 5 days and they always seem to prefer waiting. Cheap fs.

What I would do is to film an actual hockey game or download on from the internet and then match the camera perspective to your render.
Another alternative would be to download some basic hockey player models and the make them skate on a fixed path just o illustrate a game.
If you are editing in premiere rush just render your hockey ring with a chroma pass and then composite the video inside the ring.
If you want to make it 3d. animatin some of these models on a fixed path will create te illusion of a hockey game imo
Just found these, they look pretty decent https://free3d.com/3d-model/hockey-player-and-hockey-goalkeeper-cg-7631.html
If you pay me 300 bucks I'll download this model and the collapse it into a Lumion compatible animted fbx block for you.
Is Lumion still the best render tool for quick decent renders? Or has twinmotion caught up?
Anyone using AI to do shit to their renders/projects?
Tm has always been better for larger developments
Lumion shits on TM for more photorealistic interiors + pools
File: Test 10.png (33 KB, 647x934)
33 KB
Yep me. I keep an chat gpt tab open for when I need to automate a task via maxscript.

The other day I had a stupid ass problem relating to conflicting render node handles with no solution on the ineternet. Chat gpt was the one that suggested reinstalling the network adapters and erasing the registry of the install in the nodes and voila it helped me sove a non documented problem.
AI is crazy stuff. If a computer is a bycicle for your mind AI is the engine that turns it into a bike.
I see a lot of south american guys make decent money with ArchViz but how are things for Americans? how do I even start freelancing? Do stuff in fiverr?
I tried TM a while ago and scattering was still quite bad. Maybe it changed, but creating grass was always a pain in the ass in TM.
File: terrain.png (351 KB, 1733x840)
351 KB
351 KB PNG
I think freelancing on fiverr is pretty difficult for amerifags cuz you will be competing with people who are better than you and only eat rice so the charge 20% af what would be good for you.
Even I, a filthy South american find fiver no worth it. The competition is too damn unfair.

I would reccomend working locally for freelancing, star searching for small arch and construction firms in your area and build a portofolio. If I country like mine has opportunities you can bet there is work to be done in america and you could be tapping on a merket that platforms can't tap: people who don't use them. The penetration of freelancing apps is not that big and from experience only people who look exclusively for cheap labor use them. You are better of networking in your town.

Currently I am modelling a complex topography. I fucking hate modelling on inclined surfaces It literally takes double the time.
where are you from?
i'm argentinian and i'm advanced architecture student, and i want to go freelance because wages as architects are kinda low so earn a wage in dollars are a really advantage here, but i'm kinda lost where platform publish myself, i heard that fiverr and freelancer. com are for indians that earn pennys for a semi decent render.
cold mails maybe? idk,

I come from the country were we say hijueputa a lot.
Uff first off vote for Milei boludo. Yep in your case web freelancing is the best option cuz the argentinian peso is worth less shit than my peso. Your best bet would be to create a decent portofolio and try to use a more serious platform like betterpros.com.

Don't go for the mainstream stuff, its full of pajeets and li's,
I think I've already talked to you about hardware...
colombian? yeah, we talked about software and you helped me alot, i already solved that out.
now i have to practice a lot and make a good portfolio.

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