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File: HighresScreenshot00031.jpg (897 KB, 2456x1156)
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>Not sure how to use 3D
>just trying to get cool screenshots of this location I purchased
>no idea how to turn off the green lines

someone else
what is this nintendo switch shit?
>nintendo switch
nah, it's not enough blurry for it
-Press G to hide lines.
-Set Scalability to "Cinematic"
-Go into Fullscreen with F11 since the screenshots rely on the Viewport.
-Use the dropdown menu next to Perspective options and click "High Resolution Screenshot" to save a screenshot, you can change the "Screen Percentage" to something higher to increase quality if your pc can handle it.

If you wanna get really sweaty with the Screenshots then add a "Cine Camera Actor" and in the Perspective tab switch to it so you can pilot the camera, then you can go crazy with all the Camera settings like different lenses and a bunch of color grading options and effects.
>Why isnt it realistic and why doesnt it have more space marines?

That's how fucking stupid you are.
Maya/Unreal fags, I need a check to know if I got how iterating with these softwares works. Let's say I want to work on a character mesh/it's rig/animations separately. Is this the correct workflow:
>Make a mesh and a rig (rig based on the mesh proportions)
> Open a scene in Maya, reference both
> Make an animations.
> Export the mesh, the rig, the animation separately in Unreal
> Create a character BP, set the mesh as the mesh, the rig as the skeleton
> Link the animation in the Anim BP
> Import new version of whatever when you want to iterate on it
Is it really all or am I missing something ?
Your vegetation has 12 cards and your flowers are blurry dots, it is nintendo switch shit.

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