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>Animated movies, the heartbeat of Disney, have started to struggle, with Pixar’s “Lightyear” bombing in June and “Strange World” expected to disappoint at the Thanksgiving box office.

What does this mean for us, /3/? Even lower wages? Zoomers and Generation Next just dont care about our work anymore, do they?
I don’t care what pixar and disney producing either
File: thumbs-up-192.jpg (55 KB, 940x492)
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>What does this mean for us, /3/? Even lower wages
sadly yes.

I called pixar this morning, demanded to speak to mr andrew price himself and he told me that since blender users don't have or make any money, they will have to implement negative wages by starting a subscription system soon where you can buy blender hours and additional base meshes (such as bananas) and goodies such as a hindi language pack.
America can't do anything right anymore. Good riddance.
For us as the animation craftsmen it doesn't mean anything. People don't like the movies because of the forced american propaganda, not because of bad visuals.
> People don't like the movies because of the forced american propaganda, not because of bad visuals.
nobody is saying that
>I don’t care what pixar and disney producing either
It's got nothing to do with the art and animation and everything to to with the woke faggots and jews writing the scripts.

Who wants to pay to see a movie that's just 100 minutes of why you're literally hitler if you don't spend your day worshipping niggers and trannies?
Anon, nothing could be farther from the truth. Their latest film thats expected to only make 30 million on thanksgiving weekend is about a farmer farming on some other planet to stop global warming or whatever
File: 45649089084036.jpg (15 KB, 354x358)
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>ywn have simple non-political animation like Toy Story ever again
I don't even care if people like Tom Hanks or John Lasseter are adrenochrome-slurping retards, i just miss the originality and spontaneity of old shit. i don't even particularly like pixar's style, pixar back then was populated with low-iq frat dudes who made their characters flail around and act like retards. but at least they put spontaneity and inspiration into their animation. productions aren't ruled over by individual ideas like that anymore. animators contributing ideas from their own imagination and going off and doing something unexpected. it's so stale and shitty now.
the pursuit of perfection in an imperfect world will be the death of everything man holds dear.
>he wants to be exploited by giant corporation and get paid minimum wage
File: Devil Mouse Must DIE.png (179 KB, 406x393)
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179 KB PNG
the future will come from web3
creative your own IPs

hollywood is a dead mouse limping
More left wing propaganda? Make more movies about fairy tales and talking lions. You know, the shit kids like?
This can only be good news. If a medium loses profitability then the people seeking to monetize it will go away and only people passionate about their hobby will remain. Do you see claymation artists crying about proprietary software?

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