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I've been battling with this on and off for the past few days and I am not getting any closer to my goal.
I have 2 rigs and I want to move rig 1's animation over to rig 2. Problem is, rig 2 not only has more bones than rig 1, but the bone hierarchy is different too. I know how to change the hierarchy and reassign parents/etc, but that breaks rig 1's animation. Is there any way to salvage this?
Other than eyeballing which anim on which bones should be copypasted where and doing them one by one, no, there isnt any way to copy anim en-masse from two different rigs. You can only blame your short foresight for this.
>I have 2 rigs and I want to move rig 1's animation over to rig 2. Problem is, rig 2 not only has more bones than rig 1, but the bone hierarchy is different too
Sorry man, shit's FUBAR, you're gonna have to remake those animations for your new rig.
Unless, maybe you can look into Unreal's animation retargeting system, I heard you can have two different rigs play the same animation more or less. However I haven't looked into it personally, you're gonna have to do some digging yourself.
Theortetically, it sounds like you can:
1) put both your rigs in Unreal
2) do the retargeting in Unreal
3) export the animations back out again
Or maybe you can even retarget those animations in Blender. Dunno, just look up "how to retarget animations for different rigs" or something. Good luck
Not my rigs. Just want to port an animation to a game.
I'll definitely give that one a shot and see what's possible with Unreal's retargeting system. Thanks a lot for telling me about that one, since I had no idea that existed. It seems Blender may have a similar feature, just googling "blender retarget animation", I'll see what works. Cheers!
god I need to learn blender, nobody wants 3dsmax anymore
File: 1663539398366.webm (1.26 MB, 1280x720)
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1.26 MB WEBM
Anon, have you ever heard of retargeting?
A few minutes fiddling with the rokoko addon should do exactly what you want despite the different hierarchy if the rest poses are close enough. May need a corrective NLA strip/animation layer afterwards if the rotations get misread but still do the job exactly how you need it to be done.

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