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How should I build my skeleton to support skirts and dresses in a game engine?

I have something rigged up like pic related where I have two-bone chains going out in 8 directions around the hip bone. I have a collision sphere that collides with the thigh bone and presses the skirt bone out of the way, preventing collision with the legs. My character has modular clothing so I activate and deactivate the bones as needed.

It works for the most part, but the length of the bones or how big the collision spheres should be just never seems right. I'm also struggling with my weight painting where the transition between waist and skirt is either too sharp or too soft. There's either not enough weight to accommodate crouching or there's too much weight and it abruptly goes from no physics at once vertex to jutting out at the next.

I really want to avoid having custom skeletons for different kinds of outfits. It would be much better for me to have one single humanoid skeleton that supports a variety of chest/leg garments.
I think people import baked animations and use the game engine to apply cloth physics.
kill yourself faggot uvu :DDDD
this is what id assume, apply cloth physics to a mesh that is attached/grouped to the main mesh. I've never heard of or seen people adding a rig to clothing to control the dynamics of the cloth
Yes you want cloth physics for the game not bones that would otherwise confuse the game engine. I don't know what engine you are using but say if it was unity the bones in unity would go through lag, uneven look during action events, bones colliding (the way i see this model being made it can cause unity to hit bones easy), etc.

The easy way to do this is by remaking the model to fit the clothing (don't let it slip), have certain parts become armor-like state, you dont need everything moving you just need the ones that need to move to move. So somewhere in the chest will become armor-like (unless you don't include the boobs), belly part moves around much so plan how you want this to happen and the arms will become the most annoying part.

hope it helps

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