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File: b4cj7yof2s3y.png (31 KB, 2071x1070)
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Where are the good tuts about proper BOX modelling?
I have seen a couple of good guides on edge extrusion modelling (grant warwick's and bulgarov's tutorials are great), but I haven't found anything on box modelling, except for tor fricks tutorials, which are kind of limited because he has a very narrow aproach that's really fast and practical but very limiting stylistically. Any other tutorials, videos or written guides on this approach to modelling?
what seems to get done more and more and is solidworks -> remesh -> retopo. Otherwise you end up with a boxy mess that doesnt reflect how objects are actually produced
Is it like moi and fusion360? I find the results you get in those programs to be extremely generic and limited, though.
arrimus3d (youtube channel) has almost perfect, extremely long and high quality series on 3ds max, blender and general topology/modeling tips. literally covers everything from "what is an edgeloop" to industry standard. it helped me so much I donated to him just to give back.
The tools are not limited, it's you.
No, certain tools are better for certain uses. Subd is much more effective for semiorganic shapes, such as those of a car.
I think you might be looking for HardOps & Boxcutter, perhaps Hard Surface Modelling

Never heard of box modelling but I don't know a lot
Box modeling is basically hardsurface modeling.
It's more like a workflow where you start with a primitive as opposed to the workflow where you start with a face which faces you extrude.
U mean, like a primitive of a gun and just work from it? U can basically take any low poly shit and turn it into high detailed one then.

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