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File: 1554327879199.jpg (239 KB, 1080x1143)
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I work in a 3D company and Im not really happy with that (mostly doing props, backgrounds and environmental stuff). Im honestly planning to quit and search for something better, so meanwhile I started a side twitter account without linking my real portfolio (behance, artstation).

Im not a pro but absolutely not a beginner, and I know most of the most succesful accounts are the porn ones but :

>Biggest accounts are just porn animations using premade models.
>They dont even know how to model a single thing by themselves, not even the basic workflow, baking, texturing or rigging. Just a camera, some lights, rotate limbs and its done.
>Those "modelers" who provide them new models are just people who headhacks fortnite/lol/resident evil heads onto daz models. Thats all.
>Then theres this other 'faction', the voice actors. Most of them girls (or dudes with filters idc), they have more than 50K followers, so you basic need to collaborate with them if you want to grow and make them RT what you did.
>Finally their public, the normies dont care or dont even know how the model was done. They just think every "modeler" does it from scratch when in reality all of them are stealing copyrighted characters, clothing, hairs, textures or rigs. This is worse than 2D artists panicking about AI stealing their art, this is straight steal.
>All of them grow fast. I mean, 5k-10k likes per tweet easy. ~20k-100k followers in less than a year.

So. At the end, the real 3D artists is left modeling a character, maybe a base mesh, baking the details, rigging it, posing it, texturing everything, struggling with all the small details, figuring out how to fix that pose, that finger doesnt look right or the physics dont work the way they should. And for what? Maybe 100 likes, 500 if you are veeery lucky. Even when doing nude characters and boobs its completely impossible to go against these people.
I know /3/ is not the best place for asking this but I know theres people around who really love 3D and maybe they are trying to grow on twitter too. So
>Any advices? Tips? What would you do? Would you start stealing models and produce animations/images like burgers?
>Would you prefer to earn a name and get followed by real artists, keeping your style? This sounds great but if you are looking for living out of this, at thi end doesnt really work.
Why even care about the amount of likes when its just a "meanwhile" thing?

Porn sells, everyone knows that.
You compare two completely different things.

Your end goal seems like its landning a new job, employers know about this and wont hire them over you if they can't understand the whole workflow and they won't hire based on likes.

Other people who understand the workflows involved in creating original 3D art are more likely to notice your work if you are good at it and help you land a great job that way.

Good luck!
I don't usually like to dictate who and who isn't an artist, but most of those people you described are successful because they are pornographers, not because of their creative abilities or technical skill.
Why are people so obsessed with fame and clout? Especially people who already have a job in the industry? Do you really want thousands of nobodies that you don't interact with, better yet start drama over stupid shit?

What gets high numbers isn't the porn, but the fact that they constantly release new content regardless of the quality.
File: giddyup.jpg (12 KB, 352x198)
12 KB
Are the cartoon porn accounts that you've researched linked in any way (tweeting/re-tweeting)?
Do the cartoon porn accounts you frequent link themselves with other more reputable sites/accounts (tagging)?
Have you tried making the same kind of cartoon porn as your favorite cartoon porn account?

Marketing is as equally important as talent. Actually, talent is not required.
Just blast your shit in everyone's face until they think it was their idea to like it: aka Bots
Marketing = Bots

Subscribing to some whore so you always get to see her next revealing outfit,
or liking an image so you can jerk to it later,
is not the same as appreciating the nuances of a 3D model

And who gives a fuck about twitter likes? Can you even make money with that?
What the fuck are you doing? Looking for an ego boost from easy failure?
Post your shit, for money, on one of those Unity asset sites.
Then you'll learn the value of your work.
Hi, I'm one of those people who use headhacks etc.
I can model, texture, animate and composite etc. I almost gave you great advice, but then I realized how smart it is.
So go fuck yourself you retard.
File: 1663682009415052.png (158 KB, 481x289)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
/3/rd world: the thread
Kill yourself, Jew.
>So. At the end, the real 3D artists is left modeling a character,
I lamented this exact problem like 17 years ago. The only answer is that by creating a model from scratch you can do things that the hackers cannot. Special rigs or special meshes.
I have a pretty risque project started and I'm worried about the kind of attention I'll draw with the "blast your shit" marketing strategy. I've read enough on the subject to understand how/why it works and is the penultimate marketing strategy, but if you have other reasons to not prefer that method I'm at a loss on how to proceed.
I feel like if I go to niche message boards for instance, make a "hi I'm making a perverted video game. consider giving me your money" I'll inherently invoke a lot of negative attention, and otherwise be ignored.
I have this idea of really knuckling down and making some premium looking content and cutting some webms and stills that could be posted in specialty fetish threads or boards related to the subject as organic reposting. Or maybe posting them to some gallery which organic posters can choose to share with other authentically. But, then you have the problem of trying to advertise your blog.
>using twitter in any capacity

zoomers never learn, best kill yourself. preferably slit your wrists and hang yourself, you are a waste of space on this planet you are the cancer that needs to be eradicated...

thats just a theory tho -- a gayyyyyyy theory
Wow you are so mature
Which specific fetishes anon?

Some fetishes are much harder to do in 3D than others.
you need to be clear with your goal first.
do you want likes popularity or you want to earn the money?
selling your soul for porn animation appealing for a certain niche groups?
or making poop random video parodies enjoyed by everyone?
>>Biggest accounts are just porn animations using premade models.
>>They dont even know how to model a single thing by themselves, not even the basic workflow, baking, texturing or rigging. Just a camera, some lights, rotate limbs and its done.
you are wrong. the big porn makers do have skills, if you want to see shameless lack of skill go look at people with like 2k followers who already have a patreon. they make absolute dogshit

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