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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

File: foxbooper.png (633 KB, 800x400)
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Recent updates did some nice sneedups on my machine
did they fix the rigging yet
i think it's quite obvious that riggers are still a problem
Getting into 3D as a hobby. And I'm gonna be giving this baby's first a try. I've got a playlist of tutorials including the donut.

from your experiences, anons what should I be in for or what should I brace for impact in learning Blender?
Don't skip the fundamentals
Learn about the basics of art theory (composition, colors, lighting)
Learn the shortcuts, it might be a pain for a while but do it anyway
Learn the difference between object-level transforms VS mesh transforms
Learn about how Blender manages data blocks
Follow a few beginner tutorials but don't get stuck in tutorial land, watching how other, more experienced people work (through timelapses/streams/behind the scenes/etc) is WAY more effective for learning
Work on your projects or fuck around to try things out every day
Invest in a decent GPU
Have a long-term, overly ambitious and seemingly impossible goal as your motivation to keep grinding
Make the donut
Attempt an intermediate waifu tutorial (the only reason you downloaded blender)
Do it all again 3 months later
Does the new hair system have a layer... system? I know you can just add a new curve object to the same mesh, but I want to convert it to the old physics system to add physics to it, and I can't join the two curve objects so I'm not sure how that'd work. I have little to no experience with hair particles in blender, if it wasn't obvious yet.
File: Screenshot (522).png (3.21 MB, 3440x1440)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB PNG
What are some blender addon(free and paid) that make things easier for you by a lot?

Looking at some camera addons sugestions

Used HumanGenerator and I was satisfied with the result.
Tried using Substance Materializer but I do not see the library like in the youtube tutorials.
All I get is the Bake Settings
Just added a new human model to the scene and it won't render! It's stuck on 0 samples. If I try to close the render window program doesn't respond.
File: arc-a770.jpg (869 KB, 3836x2108)
869 KB
869 KB JPG
Not gonna lie Blender bros, I'm feeling pretty tempted by the Arc A770. Looks like the version with 16GB VRAM is going to be the most affordable new 16GB GPU available yet.
Watch more than 1 series of 'beginner' tutorials
There's multiple ways to do many things, so you'll see different methods and you can use what's more comfortable
>Data blocks
Can you elaborate
>take free base male/female 3d model
>learn to only make faces
Would it be a good idea?
if you're just a hobbyist, do whatever the fuck you want.
if you're asking in the context of doing this as a job: no one is looking for a one-trick pony anymore. you must be at least "ok" at basically everything.
I'm looking to get a job in the future but obviously not as a character artist, I was wondering if I could do that kind of tricks for characters because I'm not really fond of it
did they state how good it performs compared to the 3060/ti?
File: 1.png (73 KB, 896x364)
73 KB
An issue I have had with blender when trying to do precise things, for example, this is the edge of a room.
The current verts on the left are one side of the hold where I want the door, the grease pencil on the right are where I want the other side of the door hole and I want it to be exactly 900mm over.
What is the best way to acomplish this?
The ways I know so far that all seem too convoluted are;
>add a loop, its in the middle of the two verts and I have to drag it and do it by eye or do some maths by first subtracting from the total length to figure out how far left from the center point where the cut appears, then move it x amount left.
>duplicate verts on the left, move them to the right 900mm then add a loop cut on the original face and slide the loop cut verts to the left until they snap to the verts i duplicated, then merge or delete those duplicated verts

isnt there an easier way?
I'm tempted too
There were pictures in a /v/ thread and most of the games have around the same fps as the 3060. Some games it's a bit higher, some other games it's a bit lower
do a couple of blender guru's tutorial series. ignore him after that, he's an nft shill.
make stuff that interests you and problem solve with google/youtube when you reach roadblocks
keep doing that and you will automatically improve.
I recommend CG Boost Blender Launchpad. For 60 bucks It goes over basic modeling to material and animating. The content goes over basic functionality of each feature one by one before jumping into practical assignments.
File: Screenshot_30.png (146 KB, 818x463)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
You can directly input the position of the vertex in the Item menu, (press N).
HardOps (paid but easy to pirate)
BoxCutter (same)
Machin3tools (free)
All essential.
>>Z is still fucking UP
File: file.png (178 KB, 1407x1628)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
I don't know exactly what they're getting at, but it might be the way an "object" can have a "data block", which is mesh data, or a curve, or what have you (an object that doesn't have a data block is an "empty"). Multiple objects can share the same data block, which can be useful. I use this in an early stage of sculpting hands, sharing all the finger data, then I set them single-owner for individual finger shaping.
It's useful for reducing the amount of work you need to do in some specific situations, and it can be useful for initial stages when sculpting things that are very similar but can't be accomplished with a mirror modifier, like when you're sculpting a posed figure and want to do the legs, arms, and other non-mirrored symmetrical bits at the same time for any portion of the work.
It's very important to learn if you want to do some scripting.

Honestly, one of the best things you can do is learn a bit of the scripting. Blender has a lot of little interface annoyances you can overcome with some simple scripting, and a lot of things don't have full plugins available. Here are three little scripts I wrote up while working on my last small project. The top one makes all the modifiers of all selected objects non-visible (mostly so I can work on one side without a mirror modifier interacting with Orbit Around Selected). The middle one sets all selected objects to have the remesh size of the active object, and remeshes all the objects. I use this when working on things that have a lot of different objects, especially hands, and I want to remesh them all at once at the same voxel size. The bottom one just unlinks all the mesh datas, making them all single-user. This is how I take a bunch of linked parts and unlink them in bulk, because in Blender alone you have to do it one at a time, which gets really old.

Learning a bit of the scripting can save you a lot of work: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/advanced/scripting/introduction.html
It makes more sense. If you were laying out a room, your floor plan would be X and Y, and Z would be height. Z as up is the most sane approach in 3D.
thanks but doesnt that still require me to do the math from the whole face length?
if i want a vert exactly 36cm to the left of the active vert in your pic, wouldnt i need to know the full length of the edge?

i just want a way to simply create verts from intersecting edges that are on the same plane
I'm confused, if you want a vert that's 36cm left, just create a vert and move it's x position to (active vert's x position-36cm)
Yeah, there's math, but that tends to happen when you're trying to make things precise.

>i just want a way to simply create verts from intersecting edges that are on the same plane
What intersecting edges now?
That vert won't be part of the face
Why the fuck does Blender become absolutely unusable for shit like animations after having it open for more than 4~8 hours?

It seems totally random at times but the project becomes super laggy and doing any action in it like undoing, moving NLA strips around or even clicking on anything like Hide, Unhide takes it like 30 seconds to a minute or more to actually process and activate. I need to close the program at that point and restart it in order to have it work as it's supposed to and it just annoys me because I don't understand why the fuck it does that. Maybe some sort of memory leak/overflow? idk

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