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File: cover-5-1.jpg (234 KB, 1920x1080)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
I couldn't find a Blender General so I might as well post it here.

This is a rigged Blender model with lots of options and custom UI controls to make it user friendly.
The full features list, download link and user guide is available here:

For those who used the previous (v4) model, this one is based on DAZ3D's G8F female which makes it easy to import DAZ outfits (which also work with bodymorphs).
very nice, love the face. Cant wait to see her sucking dog dick
Nice presentation!
that's a man
all the smutbase models run like shit on my pc
Might as well be trying to inpregnate it allso.
Who knows..
Sounds like it's not the models
turn subdiv off for posing, mongrel
>another daz model head hack
why should anyone care?
do you have the same but for Tracer?
>why should anyone care?
The reasons are listed in the OP pic, and the linked website.

That would be a job for tracer-best-girl.
There are some good ones on smutbase (just stay away from the Arho ones, as they suffer from the "same body" syndrome)
Why should anyone give a fuck?
Keep your derpy porn models in the daz general

We actually make things here
does it have a big clit morph?
File: BlenderIntersections.png (1005 KB, 1920x1080)
1005 KB
1005 KB PNG
>trying to intersect (Knife)
>"no intersection found"
What do you mean "no intersection found"? It's RIGHT THERE!
I even coloured it blue and made sure to join the meshes so it's super obvious for you, you stupid shit!
Is there anything like her but more feminine.
You can't use boolean operations on non manifold meshes.
cringe file

please an hero
oooh mama
There are several bodymorphs to reduce the muscles or increase curviness
File: SmugSkeletonbig.jpg (37 KB, 441x403)
37 KB
I was expecting a rig i could steal some nifty bone setups from
Then i saw it's on smutbase, but alright
Then i saw it's the same shit as rigify and nothing really interesting as a rig.
What a disappointing piece of shit.
It's MHX not Rigify.
Secondly, why make something from scratch when there are excellent off the shelf tools?
>calvin klein
gotta consoome!

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