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So I've been playing with 3D for a week now as I have always wanted to gain insight in 3D modeling (By profession I am IT sysadmin). I thought it would be cool to convert my IRL friends or myself to 3D Model, fully rigged so I could use it to pose with Shrek or in Gmod or something.

How can I achieve it quickly without manually sculpting? I don't wanna be an artist so I would like to take shortcuts.

I've seen some Blender addons for human creation. Will they help me achieve what I want?
Commission an artist. Hard part is finding one who not only can do what you want but also within your budget.
As a sysadmin, you should be able to do sufficient enough research to find this kind of stuff yourself, probably better than /3/ would be able to.
>How can I achieve it quickly
You don't.

And you're not a sysadmin, cris
they can give you a good base. photogrammetry or however its spelled can get you the rest of the way. good luck and just youtube any questions along the way, youll do fine.
>by profession I am IT sysadmin
So the burger flippers of the IT world
>I've been playing with 3D for a week
>I would like to take shortcuts.
Fuck off chud

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