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Would you say /3/ is somewhat like this too?
Do any of these describe you?
(I did not make this image, and it appears to be biased)
Sketch master. I give up too easily.
Porn Artist and Hoarder. I wasn't able to get a job nor allowed to do art, so I have been saving up money to buy 3d and game dev courses. I used to get them from Wingfox, but I found a great site for GBs that sold courses from CGMA, Gnomon, and iAnimate. I also got redpilled about how the "course" industry works. Most of those courses are resold elsewhere to different course publishers like Wingfox or on personal gumroad/artstation.

I have finished some courses before, but I don't get the course results from it. I'm conflicted whether I should do a personal project while following it or copy their exact reference and procedure step by step.

Is it okay for me to make a /courseprog/ thread where I grind all of the courses here?
The Eternal Beginner
- Doesn't know what a search engine is, will only ask questions to /3/ (outside of /sqt/)
- Only capable of following step-by-step tutorials, has no original thoughts
- Wants to make video games or porn

The Hobbyist
- Keeps starting new projects, rarely finishes any
- Jack of all trades, master of none
- Pretty cool dude, only works if it makes him happy

The Industry Expert
- Was replaced by Indians 3 years ago
- Kneels to the Holy Pipeline
- Really hates hobbyists

The "Artist"
- Only uses prefabs
- Constantly asks for links to pirated assets
- Has never heard of composition, lighting, color theory

The Schizo:
- You know

The Software Crusader
- Would rather debate the merits of his software of choice than using it
- Believes his software choice makes him a better artist
- Will start working on his big project tomorrow

The Low Poly Fetishist
- Always chooses the path of least resistance
- Still hasn't figured how to phong shading
- Probably born after the year 2000
File: 0297.png (97 KB, 320x240)
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>Probably born after the year 2000

87, personally
Could you post her in an upright position?
File: 0000-0325.webm (1.57 MB, 640x480)
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1.57 MB WEBM
>- Still hasn't figured how to phong shading
fuck i've been caught

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