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What is the licensing implications of retoplogising assets.

I'm wanting to create an open source game with open source assets and to make assets easier I'm wondering if I can just download assets from sketchfab, retopo them and license them as GPL.
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This is an interest question. Now the short and simple answer would be "NO". There are nuances to it but in most cases with the copyright, while modification is allowed, the law still covers and limits the ways you can profit and distribute assets that were originally made by someone else. BUT, don't lose hope, there is such thing as "Creative Commons" licenses, or CC for short, which is a friendlier way to share copyrighted material. Now what you want to search for your project is assets with 'CC0' license, which is basically "this asset I made is public domain, you can use it and distribute as you wish. For example check this dude's collection in sketch fab:


what you want is to find more stuff under CC0, that would be safe to use in your project.
Yeah thanks, I ended up finding a much better CC asset for what I'm doing
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