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Is curved monitors a bad idea when working with 3d/2d design? I'm thinking of getting one, but I imagine it'll fucking shit up when working with straight lines and such. Thoughts?
Absolute meme. Just get a massive cheap tv and a smaller monitor. Inb4 aesthetics and other bullshit.
>but I imagine it'll fucking shit up when working with straight lines and such. Thoughts?

It wont. The idea of having the curved monitor is that the distance to any part of the screen is more equal from your vantage point
so the curved surface looks more flat than a flat surface does when you sit infront of it.

I've worked graphics all my life and have a curved main monitor and a flat secondary monitor, the effect of the curve is very subtle.
Sitting side by side the curved monitor looks flat when you sit at the sweet spot where as the flat one looks like it has a subtle curvature away from you.
>Absolute meme

Disagree, having used both types extensively I would def pick a curved over a non-curved for the same pricepoint.
It's a subtle thing tho and I would not pay a big mark up to have the curved over the flat.
Personally I'd be willing to pay ~5-10% extra for a curved over a flat with same specs.
I prefer the raw size of a tv (Toshiba 50") for my main program. Curved at that price point is just under 20" smaller.
>but I imagine it'll fucking shit up when working with straight lines and such
that's not how it works buddy. When you see a straight line, visually its still straight. depending on the curvature and your head position it might be ever so slightly curved in. But im willing to bet you wont notice it.
I had a curved monitor and it was so fucking bad. Faces were all distorted. I dunno man. I had to get rid of that monitor. I will never ever buy a curved monitor ever again.

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