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Why in god's name do they refuse to make their texturing suite more like Substance Painter? Even the biggest of Blendlets admit that Substance Painter is a necessity for good texturing without becoming a wizard with the node editor.
>just go to any Blender community and I promise you'll find at least a handful of artists who use Substance and maybe Photoshop or GIMP, but otherwise do everything else in Blender
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>Why in god's name do they refuse to make their texturing suite more like Substance Painter?

...why dont this pieces of shit programmers of blender doesnt implement a maya like scripting panel where you can store your scripts and activate them by pressing a icon!

this is now a "why this pieces of shit programmers of blender doesnt implement stuff i like in overly expensive and commercial software into blender?"!
Because that's not how it works. It works like this: someone that has something they're interested in doing for Blender puts together a proposal for thing they'd like to do + shows a little tech demo of what they've already done.
Then the Foundation decides if they want to fund that person for a year or not; if they do they pay that person and they work on the feature for a year (while committing to the nightly build branch or whatever).

They would have to do a Bounty system to be able to target features but then that means trying to somehow open up to more developers (people with a specific interest and skill at that specific area) but people in FOSS tend to not follow through.

>why can't [guy that worked on sculpting] work on [texture stuff]?
1) sculpting guy may not be very interested in texture stuff,
2) sculpting guy isn't being paid a salary and therefore his boss cannot command him to start working with the texture team,
3) he'll have to learn about new esoteric things that only apply to texturing
4) he's already working on a current project that he's being paid for; he won't be available to work on another projection for another [12 - current month] months

You can add that feature yourself. You could even then sell it on the blender market or distribute it for free
File: 1419902507001.jpg (55 KB, 500x408)
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>You can add that feature yourself
they are currently overhauling blender texturing, it is rarted still and there's no way you're not still just gonna do everything in painter but it's gonna be a lot better.



Nobody else textures in their DCC either unless they're doing procedural mats so I don't think It's a reasonable request in either case that blender matches substance painter of all things. Honestly the dev time would be better spent on fixing up other issues that actually get in the way of working like the UV stuff.
In the mean time, you might wanna try :
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2024 at best

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