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Redpill me on Animbot, anons. Should I animate in cascadeur or maya with Animbot?
Oh nice just what we needed, another one of those threads where OP asks if they should do a reasonable thing or a retarded thing then when you tell them to do the reasonable thing they start arguing with you because it's not the answer they want.

I love these threads!

Which one do you think you fucking idiot
who pissed in your cereal to make you so aggressive? Its a legitimate question

one costs hundreds of dollars per year and the other is free but can do fight scenes extremely easily
it begins
You already know the answer dumbass
This, why these retards keep doing this dumb shit knowing why 99% of the pros use because its obviously working better than the other
you got your answer, so why are you bumping retard
The real question is why the fuck are there no animbot torrents anywhere
No, i didnt.
Cascadeur is worthless unless you pay. For free you can only export 300 frames. So its useless for free. Animbot really cost less then. Since Basic is useless.
Animbot: $60
Cascadeur: 150
But maya is the problem here. I do prefer to animate in the same program I rig in. So I would prefer animbot.
But you should already be a maya user already before considering.
Animbot doesnt give you physics adjusted animations like cascadeur does which solves many problems with your animation in one click. And $60 is only for the lowest tier animbot.
everyone is recommending animbot, so what the fuck do you want to hear? see >>899050
>13 posts
>only 6 different IPs

apples and oranges
Real animchads dont use these pussy helper software. They animate the bones by hand.
What tier of animbot is best, dear anons?
It's always the same retard doing it as well.
Seems like they are two entirely different softwares.

One a free standalone for natural looking physics animations, the other simply a plugin for hand keying. Why all the hate? Do you think an apple is comparible to an orange?

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