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File: 1623378936547.jpg (233 KB, 1001x1600)
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How long does it take you to model, uv, and texture this
1-2 weeks
and what if you have to design it as well

Depends vastly depending how used you are to that modelling style.
If it's in your wheelhouse 2 weeks sounds about reasonable but if you are just getting into that level of detail it is quite taxing and will take a lot longer than that.
The design is opportunistic and playful to people like Bulgarov, they just dig in there and start cutting and adding shapes and it's a fairly fast and playful process for them.

For me it takes longer because I have a hard time having any fun with it whenever I've attempted detail passes like that.
I could mimic what you have there within 2 weeks but it'd mean really pushing myself and I'd burn out fast if I had to model stuff like that frequently.
hi OP, that image isn't "modeled" that's work of michael andrew nash and it's sculpted in zbrush.

If you wanna know how long that kind of process takes then here's a playlist from marco plouffe.

Why does it matter?
Just because it takes someone a certain amount of time, doesn't mean it won't take you 3 years to get at that level.
It's like asking what kind of pencils someone uses. The answer is always going to be, you suck, git gud.
He was a max guy

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