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File: Cernunnos Pepe.gif (3.33 MB, 400x560)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB GIF

I'm a 3D artist, been doing commissions for over 5 years, all of them paid.

It was enough for me as a side hustle for a while, though I do want to get more serious.

Perhaps get hired as a freelancer or a contract or perhaps even permanent employment.

What do I need as a "minimum" to get hired?
Could you post portfolios as example of "good enough to hire"?

I tried researching about it online, no luck so far.

That's why I'm here.

Any help is very appreciated!
Just go on artstation and search for big games and look at people who made the art. That's the level you need to be at.
But how would I know what's "entry level" and what's "seasoned veteran"?
What you don't understand is that its not about the portfolio - its about what its like working with you 40+ hours a week. You have to be a good coworker and not just some little prick who grates on everyone with some terrible attitude
There is no real distinction (besides pay) between entry level and senior anymore. No one has time to hand hold newbies in a production setting, you either hit your notes or you're out.
>You have to be a good coworker and not just some little prick who grates on everyone with some terrible attitude
Basically the reason some people on this board are jobless.
Wait, if that's the case, then how come seniors don't get fired for cheaper, entry level juniors who are more or less the same in talent output?
Because the plan is to shrink art departments to just a few slavemasters to crack the whip at outsourced labor. Juniors don't get hired, period, unless they're a discount senior (ie. great value).
I am well liked by my peers (in 3d school) but I am bipolar and have a lot of trouble with being on time. I always get the work done though and stay late but I usually come in late to lectures or group meetings. Can I still get a job or am I fucked
Look up some work from students that got hired recently.

But yeah, I also think this is true >>896492
Shit's crazy, you basically have to be an accomplished artist already just to land a junior position these days. Be it props, characters, environments or something else, you need to know your shit and already be capable of creating a quality work to be considered.

Try to get to a level of work that is on ArtStation trending, the quality still varies there, I'm not saying you should compete with best of the best, but the ones that were still good enough to reach lower trending rows. (I know reaching trending isn't just about the quality of your work, but still)
Ok, thanks for your insightful comment.

If I'm not on par with senior level of skills, should I even try to bother applying for jobs as an 3D artist at all?

To me it sounds like you're gonna either spend a lot of time with 3D art as a hobby/side hustle trying to improve...


Completely give up on 3D art as a professional endeavor whatsoever.

I don't want to sound bitter or anything, but how realistic are the chances to get an entry level position?
why would you willingly participate in the slavery of wagecucking?

working for a company means you'll have to become a clown, so that HR wants to hire you

if you're a leftist then that's easy

better get a job as a manager/supervisor

artist are easy to manage and those that you don't like you can easily fuck with them

I get my wagecucks to do unpaid overtime all the time and I get to look good to my boss

stay freelance if you want to create
1.) because that anon's full of shit
2.) in bigger places, seniors often don't just have a lot of general experience, but they know how to push stuff through the company pipe by simple virtue of having worked long enough at that place. specifically, they know all the quirks and workarounds and shits that even newly hired seniors don't know and won't know until at least a year or so down the line.

one thing is true, someone with only a superficial knowledge of photoshop would land a junior position even at the high-end places 20 years ago.
but 20 years ago photoshop was barely a decade or so old and consumer pcs still mounted voodoo gpus.

it's easy to forget just how fucking fast this industry runs.
today any retard can follow some mediocre tutorial on youtube and shit something decent out in an evening on any mid-range computer, that was unthinkable in the early 2000s. however, copying some dude's homework doesn't prove you're actually capable of anything.
therefore, junior position requirements have been "adjusted for inflation", but they've always been "someone who shows genuine interest in the job".
In 2001, that meant managing to run photoshop on your home computer
In 2022, that means doing something more than just the donut tutorial.
This thread is depressing and makes me revaluate my choices, a friend of mine had a shitty 6 months programming course and the moment he finished it tons of employment requests, plus inhouse training from a senior, a year later he works from home with an above average wage.
3D seems to have way higher requirements and worse conditions, starting out in this industry seems a nightmare.
This is how things work for at least 20 years. Even basic tester which ended 3-months course will get more money and job vacancies than some one who worked on 3D skill for 5 years.

I've been programming for about two years and still can't get a job.

I think your friend just got lucky.

I'm making an adult 3D game now so will hopefully be making money soon from 3D.

Money is sort of pointless anyway. Travel is not that expensive, video games aren't that expensive.

Only thing that is expensive is girls.
I mean, sure, what's there to lose? It depends on your skills, we don't know what you're capable of. It's not like it's impossible, but I'm kinda biased t b h since all recruiters came to me instead. So yeah, ultimately it really depends on your portfolio. Smaller indie studios may have lower standards so it would probably be easier to get a job there.
>you have to be a good little goy who joins our cancerous telegram channel and engage in office politics and gargles corporate cum
OP what matters is getting so good at your thing that you will be in high demand by art directors to the point where you can make guys like this do all the retopology for you.
File: novelty.png (255 KB, 737x498)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
Terrible attitude is generally a boomer phrase denoting obedience to wagecuck hierarchy so in this regard it means compromising your model 100% for senior riggers and sucking their cocks while they make no concessions themselves.
But it works, though. In fact, just about anything fucking works when it comes to work culture, as long as you have the politics on your side.

I'm amazed that there are people that do this shit for money when sincere artists are out there doing their work for free. It's so easy to shoot anyone down if they're your coworker or underling that I'm actually surprised anyone survives.
How hard is it actually to get into your average AAA studio? I never applied anywhere because client studios came to me and I'm working as a freelancer, but I always wondered. These days I feel like the standards are actually lower than I thought when I was a noobie, but maybe that's just because I grew as a 3D artist as well. How often is it to be approached by leads from big studios, too?

Because when you think about it, there can't actually be thousands of awesome artists that would fill up the space in all those studios, most of them just have to be average by a rule of nature. I've seen all kinds of people getting into some famous studios, and the quality varies a lot.

Just be a STEM wagie obviously and work on your creativity on the side. Granted you are consistent, your work would rival that of artstation trending artists.
Don't forget entitlement. Want to shame and control some prevent them from asking for a raise? Just scream entitlement.
True, true.

Well, to be honest I think I'm not good enough to work there yet, though I am close.

Guess I'll just post my portfolio link and video channel.

Kinda gave up on working for a studio or a company.

Especially now that we have NFTs (yes I know we're in a bear market right now and things aren't looking too well financially) and artists like Beeple literally made millions off their art.

Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/heir_of_sigma
Video Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/HeirofSigma

P.S : Some videos might be useful for you guys, it has tutorials in it. Feedback is appreciated.
You're making a super common beginner mistake which is to try every sub-discipline at once. You have random bad hard surface, random bad characters, random bad stylized art, some weird ass photoshop shit, it's just... too many things, all executed at a low quality level.

Studios don't hire junior generalists with 3 months of experience in 8 different domains totaling 2 years of work, they hire juniors with a specialization (characters, hard-surface, environments, textures, fx, etc.) they have 2 years of *focused* work in.
If you wanna make it in the industry, pick the thing you enjoy doing the most, find some RECENT tutorials made by INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS to follow, and go all-in on that thing. Stop spreading your efforts too thin.
Your topology is awful, you'd be a nightmare to work with. Back to basics, box model a character with wireframr references.
I thought you were kidding, but you're right. Everything's in there.
Focus on one field. And I mean focus. Do a good project and polish it to high heavens. It shows your capabilities.
I honestly don't know why you're getting crabbed on so much. The stuff you've made is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of quality, but most of the people on this board can't create some of the things you made. Your models aren't the best, but there not at all bad, I think a couple of anons on this board are just being autists by labeling everything as terrible if it's not the best. If you want to get a job, just specialize on something and improve on it, you have a lot more potential than some of these other retards.
Legit question here:
What do you consider to be the best option?
*learning things at school? Or *watch videos and tutorials online in order to improve?
Whoa, really? I thought my topology was good.

Why is it bad?

Anyway, yeah it is as I thought.

I guess I'll just stay a hobbyist artist and work some day job that's unrelated, then.

To be fair, my biggest obstacle - besides being a poor generalist - was:

having a mother which was pressuring me to learn faster.
I assumed knowing more general skills would be a wise choice to get hired, but I was indeed wrong, it seems.

Well, thanks for the information, guys.
At least now I know it's not an option at all.
Online tutorials.

Art schools just make people with even worse skills than mine, to be honest.

I've seen portfolios from fresh out of college artists.

It's bad shit.
do you have artstation account or something like that?
Yeah, scroll up.

But here: https://www.artstation.com/heir_of_sigma

Give whatever feedback you want.
At this point, I don't care anymore.
No no I'm just started trying stuff on zbrush mate two months ago (Dude I'm a vet student but I always wanted to learn 3D).

Look this is shit, anyway I'm goig to look for more tutorials and stuff.
Good luck mate.
I don't know why he thinks your topology is bad. I can only guess he's saying that because he has some sort of mental disorder from browsing this site too much that makes him want to compulsively put other people down. Some people on here are just like that.

I've seen games with models that are way worse than what you make, so I guess you don't really know whether or not you can get a career in 3d unless you try for a job application. I going to guess that you're a younger individual with your talk about your mother and rushing yourself into a career, but you may find interest in a career that isn't 3d modeling. For example, I originally started programming because I wanted to make games, but I eventually found that programming business applications is still tolerable, but it provides a more stable income, and it doesn't drain any of my creativity like working on a game I don't care about might.

I think the thing you may want to work on the most is your confidence.
These are topo of varying styles, polycounts, and for different purposes. But what is the single unifying attribute they all have?
Their topology is ***what it would look like if the character was real***.
All art is ultimately derivative from real life. It is a fact. You cannot depict what is not possible for your brain to perceive. This is also why 4D nonsense is bullshit and just representative, not what they actually look like, because our brain literally cannot comprehend it.
Back on topic, look at the glabella on your model. Now look at the references. Now use your finger and feel your own face irl.
Now look at the weird little point your made at the bottom right of the chin on your model. Now look at the topoflow of all the others. Now feel your own chin.
This also applies to: the topo of your eye sockets, the connective skin to your ears, the weird, non-circular edge loop from your nose to the mouth area.
Study more. Feel your body whenever in doubt, because again, artistic depitction is ALWAYS grounded in reality. Your topology IS awful. I just didn't have the time to explain why until this fucking nonce >>897462 tried to butter you up. Sorry, but you will get no improvement from the true crabs like these, who want you to stay beg to thin out their competition. Oh, and one last tip? Don't fucking post your work on anon boards in the future.
Inevitably, some begcrabs are going to say my tips are bullshit or if I really cared I would've posted this in the first place, but I'm too busy picking the mystery meat off my teeth from eating at a Hilton hotel with the money I've made from 3D. Am I bullshitting you? Or are the people who will only praise others into permabeg bullshitting you? You decide. Fuck this board.
based mistery meat enjoyer
Well, I know it's fish from the texture, but the retards working at the buffet forgot to label it so for all I know I could've ate a porcupine or something.
The 3d industry is a joke.

Dude being honest with you, I'm like way better than you are and still never had a job in this industry, I started with 3d in 2017 after dropping out from college as a comp science major, and if I had pour the time and effort I put into 3d these past years I'd be a senior programmer by now, and yet after spending all those hours learning art fundamentals, I'm still a jobless loser.

Believe me, just looking at your stuff, you don't have it, and 3d is not about effort, it's about talent, you either have it or you don't, and you don't have it, sorry.

If I were in your position I'd invest my time in a proper, respectable skill, like programming, if you still like to do art maybe look into something like a technical artist, cause even if you make it in 3d people won't even take you seriously and you will always be under paid.

Take my advice, that's what I'm doing now, 29 and is back to coding for me.
I could even post my work, which I had sometimes on this board, I don't really even care anymore.
>Believe me, just looking at your stuff, you don't have it, and 3d is not about effort, it's about talent, you either have it or you don't, and you don't have it, sorry.
will you shut the fuck up already you fucking loser, its like blind leading the blind. Its easy to get a job from polycount job board and almost anyone can do it, especially this guy. Just stfu and go away
Reminds me too much of the WIP thread. What do you like the most? Rocks? Then you be the rock guy that anyone can depend on. I personally dont like to be an autist rock guy myself.
I think I see what you mean now. His topology is all quads and is organized, but the flow is weird. Just describing something as bad like you did previously doesn't help people, and you could have elaborated on why it's bad without writing an essay. I think you should use some of the money you made to go get some psychiatric help.
And you need to get the fuck out of people's business if you're just going to bait them into permabegging. Piss off with your backtracking you stupid crab
Well you need to learn some more but your anatomy looks correct, at least on the major shape wise.

Head looks believeable.

But yeah, you need to improve face sculpting a little more, yeah.

Good luck!
Wait, which work are you talking about?

I have made more than one character before. If it's the demon lady, yeah that topology isn't good because I didn't know better back then.

But as for the Cat Girl, I actually took those topology principles and did extensive tutorials on them.

They might be not 100% but they're surely not bad.

This could've been a little misunderstanding, though.

So, which project are you talking about?
Yes, it's the catgirl, there is literally nothing else on your portfolio that has a character's wireframe.
Well this post kinda made me give up with working for a studio or company, anyway.

To me the art grind for this kind of work is just not worth it.

>Grind artwork skills
>Grind a lot
>Be paid nowhere near as much for quality art
>Instead, get job with NFT projects, make your own company or create patreon pages
>Get paid more or the same

Yeah, to me it seems it's either not possible or even if it was not worth it.

Somebody correct me if I am wrong, of course.
Oh yeah I see what you mean now!

Indeed, the poles (5 vertices intersections) are not close to the glabella at all.

Is the topology you posted at >>897473 the ideal topology for anime-style 3D heads, then?

To be honest changing that would be quite easy.

Also, I disagree with some parts: I don't want to put poles without the need around the ear parts, since poles can create deformities in the sculpting process.

Zbrush doesn't likes poles too much, for some reason.

Hence, I preferred to make quads instead as much as possible, with the exception being in the facial features.

But yeah, thanks for the feedback.

P.S : It's not bad, it's just a minor defect and I think you exaggerated a little.

Thanks, anyway.
Genuinely insane
Tr00, tr00...

I should've stayed doing what I liked the most and specialized in that field, instead.

Well, at least I now know what to do from now on. Thanks for the feedback.
File: NFP.jpg (634 KB, 3000x3000)
634 KB
634 KB JPG
which 3D skill pays 6 figures?
One that won't hire me, that's for sure.

Regardless, 6 figures isn't enough anyway for doing 3D art.

I mean, what kinda job makes you learn so much to pay you that little?

It's just my perspective, but I dunno if I am correct. Well, you tell me if I'm wrong.
Animator, seniors get like 200k a year. But that's if you're working for the mouse/BEEG AAA studio.
They all eventually go and start their own company either way.
Good tip for maintaining job security is to do the work that no one wants to do like retopology. Even better if you're one of the few of us who finds it to be a nice relaxing change of pace. But don't get taken advantage of. Create leverage and then deprive them of it so you have the power to negotiate on you terms. You want them in a state of desperation from the distress of have to go back to shit work they've gotten rusty at.
Again with that "autist rock guy" description... I don't know why but this is triggering me so much for some reason, and I'm not even a rock guy. I think it's because I like looking at good rock sculpts which are far from easy to do, unlike some anons here would say. But in a way, I understand it can look autistic when somebody spends years just doing that for their career, but that's how it is in this field. There are some very specific specializations. Once I saw one guy was specizalized just for a skybox on the entire project.
The pay can be really good in this field as well, if you have the skills, ofc. It won't reach the highest potential salaries of programmers and engineers, but still good. I'm not there yet, well, kinda, but only for my country's standards. It would be pathetic for american standards.

It can be depressing when you see that some bs marketing / web agencies hire junior front-end devs for a salary more than mine (5 years of exp, 2 in the industry) + benefits (I'm a freelancer), but that's how it is. If you only care about money, even after a certain threshold, this is probably not for you anyway.

Even I think I may one day branch out or switch careers, who knows. If I spent so much time just thinking about it as a career and calculating all the things, I'd probably quit, but I got a job from nowhere, took that chance and it just kinda started to be a career.
File: Raf-Grassetti-Kratos.jpg (255 KB, 1200x801)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
This, but also owdays, if you wana be a Senior 3D artist, besides having the experience, you gotta be at the top 5% level that you see on Artstation basically. I think the biggest Senior 3D that comes to mind to me is Raf Grasseti.
Still, a decent, well rigged character like AnimSchool's Malcolm pretty much nails you a job, knowing rigging helps a lot, and if you are a rigging artist first, well you will never run out of work.

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