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File: water bottle in rhino.png (523 KB, 1920x1039)
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I am playing with the quad remesher in Rhino and the results are good. There is some distortion in render preview due to the way it calculated normals that should go away once I import it in a mesh-based program. In fact that is what happens once I export it as obj and import it in Blender.

The problem is that this turns 6k into 350k faces as the subd model gets converted into a poly model. How do I export it as a subd model directly?

Ideally, I'd want find a way of exporting that preserves the crease data.

There is an option to export just the control mesh. It does not export creases unfortunately. Is there a way to do that.

Not what I was looking for. An easy way of triggering that command is by pressing tab.
Rhino's ability to convert between NURBs and Subdiv is pretty lackluster. I've read elsewhere than NURBS and subdiv are mathematically equivalent, but that can't be true based on what I see in the program itself. It is really a pity as being able to switch between modeling easily in NURBs and subdiv would be a strong style. Right now Rhino is just not there yet.
The boundary surface of subdivision surfaces (=infinite amount of subdivisions) can be converted to NURBS, but not all NURBS surfaces can be converted to subdivision surfaces.
Mcneel implemented their subD pretty recently all things considered.
Try this https://github.com/jesterKing/import_3dm

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