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File: untitled.png (3.03 MB, 1920x1080)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB PNG
How can I improve my desert render? Made using blender and houdini. Created everything but the textures
we have a wip thread, just use that next time.
And you can barely see the car, the height of the camera should be the height of the car, play with the lens and try some depth of field maybe too
I rate it Death Valley Germans out of ten.
Learn to compose. Seriously. I shouldn't have to scan the image to find your subject.
I don't know what benefit Houdini would beget you in a scene like this, considering all your plants are just scattered without any rhyme or reason. Scattering anything like you've done would be quite simple without leaving Blender.
It looks like something a beginner would be capable after a few months. If you are one, keep going, you'll get better over time. If you're not a beginner, literally git gud and start reading.
Also, >>874161
The car looks kinda oddly, but everything else its very good.
use photo references next time.
The composition is kinda bland. The sand looks good. Consider replacing the upclose alpha-plane plants with higher fidelity models.

The car looks out of place. Any vehicle in the desert is going to be wrought with sand, especially the tires.
that sand is undrivable
File: rattumble.gif (784 KB, 240x240)
784 KB
784 KB GIF
sand normals look retarded. apply some actual bump, make the sand mesh actually align with the normal map. composition is boring, shrub, sand, car and you somehow fucked up on the hierarchy? the render looks like something straight out of my middle school it class (19). actually use reference and study pictures from the desert.
the background looks very polarized and fucks most with the hierarchy when it seems to blend in with the "foreground" as well.
in making the composition more interesting you also kinda have to apply some realism. where tf is the road. plus the car looks a fairbit clean considering it drove 50 miles through desert sand.

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