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newfag here, How do you make good looking water like pic related?
Looking for tutorials
This doesn't look good.
Is just a glass with a shitty normal map you fucking retard
you forgot something called "depth fade"
basically it creates a mask based on objects within the mesh, which you can map colors with for shallow and deep waters

not sure how to do it in 3d software other than unreal (there's a depthfade node there, very straightforward)
- flat plane
- normals from a noise function
- transparency + absorbtion
- fresnel driving values like reflection, transparency, specular and diffusion in relation to each other
- a physically plausible refractive value
File: water.webm (2.41 MB, 1024x768)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB WEBM
quick demo, for semi-realistic water and in Blender i usually go for this:
>start with a cuboid so you can use volumetrics instead of adding it in post
>surface is a glass shader for the camera and transparent for everything else to let light through
>use noise (musgrave here) to both act as normals/displacement and as a shadow mask for fake caustics
>volumetrics to add depth
File: nodes.png (976 KB, 3025x1082)
976 KB
976 KB PNG
The caustics being in sync with the waves makes them look decent, despite being fake and easy to compute
The surface doesn't look too interesting, but you should be able to give it a shimmer if you work with fresnel like >>864410 said
Also refraction guiding will be a thing soon. If it works as promised you can skip the fake step and use the real thing
Normal maps, how do they work?
If you want good looking water perturb the normal and enable RTX and DLSS in unity / unreal and you'll be done in less than 5 minutes.
Intended for real-time or offline rendering? Big difference.
post nodes please i wanna learn

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