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Soulbros... Is this heaven?
No 3D models of women with huge tits or asses. Absolutely not industry tier, NGMI.
INTENSE levels of SOVL
File: whydeath640.jpg (49 KB, 640x480)
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Cool stuff. I should've kept all my old renders.
File: realo.jpg (54 KB, 1024x512)
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If you like this so much, why don't you adopt this visual aesthetic for your own work?
Its not that hard to archive.
I grew up with this shit, and I made some stuff vaguely like this myself back then (see pic related), but not as good and refined.
For some reason I never saw the appeal in this "style", for every render from back then that you like so much now, there where 1000 ugly ones that looked like shit.
I don't have intense feelings of nostalgia because I grew with it (and out of it) and I never saw it as something special - it was normal.
At least when it comes to old 3D, I can relate however somewhat to the mindset as I have become a huge fan of pixel art, which is weird because when I was young I actually didn't liked it that much. Technology simply wasn't advanced enough for more, but now I really like it (if it is good).
Did you guys lived through it and have nostalgia or are you born later and feel attracted to it for whatever reasons?
If its the latter, can you explain why?
I don't really can get a grasp of the feelings you presumably have.
Also, I don't want to make this about me, but I can post some of my old works if you like to see more, but I think they don't match the exact same kind of SOVL.
I was always interested more in realism and didn't really care for more abstract stuff.
Was it necessary to throw a schizo rant on this? OP just posted a cool website with old renders.
>Last upload: 2017

Has he really not improved anything over the course of 20+ years?
Or he did and he's just making those renders because of stylistic choice?
Or are those old renders, and he just uploaded them recently? Did he give up?

So many questions.
The world will never know...or care.
I'm a retard and i have nothing to do now, i kind of care for now...
>Did you guys lived through it and have nostalgia or are you born later and feel attracted to it for whatever reasons?

I lived through it, so there's obviously nostalgia in my mind, but one of the things I really like about it is the obvious unreality of it.

If someone were rendering these scenes today, they'd either be shooting for photorealism, or they'd going full NPR and throwing crazy shaders on everything.

The level of artificiality is just in this pleasing sweet spot for me. It's not realistic enough to be boring or uncanny, it's a picture of an intangible world outside our reality that can't exist.

...But the rendering isn't *so* detached from real world lighting and optical principles that it looks like a cartoon. It's juuuust tangible enough. But *not quite*. There's a mystical, enchanting quality to this strange position on the unreality-reality scale.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk, I guess.

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