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File: 85150475.png (53 KB, 225x225)
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You guys do realize you're Chad Rockstars to college art hoes, right? There are bitches on my feed rn talking about getting with "cute art sculpture boy toys" no cap
I'm not surp, Got plenty of dirty looks from nude models in drawing class.
Doesn't take a genius to realize exhibitionists gets off at having you eying them and mentally explore every nook and cranny on the landscape of their skin.

Didn't hook up with any of them back then, didn't have any game or confidence for hitting on strangers til much later in life.
Looking back there was obv tension one could've easily exploited to spice up bed time during them uni years.

>If you're a young une listen to the frog.
Can you go away please?
obligatory fuck off c**is
but yes it has merit since westerner slaanesh worshippers are so degenerate they are willing to insert some really disgusting shit into themselves and that's where you might potentially squeeze in for some profit

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