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File: 1610032863513.jpg (43 KB, 1204x746)
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If someone gives out a tutorial for free, but offers a paid version with the the tutorial plus scenes / assets that he says and encourages you to use his files in commercial work, but why does it still feel like cheating to use his assets? I've spent over $200 on this guys assets but i still feel like im cheating myself. What should I do?
File: 1617036717603.jpg (42 KB, 474x898)
42 KB
"cheating" if you use his model you're not getting better at 3D

book talk about Art and using assets/ref from other artist, worth a read
If you're worried about not being able to create the same thing, make the assets yourself (duh). Once you're confident that you are, just think of it as being able to fast forward time and skip the boring part. You already know how it's gonna go, so you might as well use those hours on something more productive than menial busywork.
File: 1611857493469.gif (13 KB, 245x326)
13 KB
Its not modelling nor texturing, and I paid for the right to use his scripts / nodes commercially. I've already watched the tuts, but now i feel guilty for using the included scripts / nodes. His tuts are pretty much unedited, he'll do something than change it later then tweak it again and again which is maddening to follow and why I bought the assets in the first place. His results are really good though.
>good theft
>steal from many
I felt kinda guilty about stealing from an orphan, but fortunately I can just steal from the orphanage instead and morally I'm in the clear.
File: 1573491303564.jpg (21 KB, 326x244)
21 KB
the orphanage as an institution will have loss insurance; a weak , orphan barely 2 feet tall and wears Lays family size chip bags for clothing too poor to go to the shops on holiday, does not have insurance
orphans don't work for orphanages

we're talking about grown ass adults who draw pictures for a living, I think humanity will manage to recover from people copying their little characters
File: 1622530898130.jpg (280 KB, 1680x945)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
>I think humanity will manage to recover from people copying their little characters
*a wild corporation appears*
Al of the media runs on 3d modeling and is more important than you fixing toilets or whatever it is that you do you damn hick.
holy shit I think you're serious. bro you literally draw make believe toilets. if your entire industry vanished overnight, the world would be a better place. you're less than the bread: you're the circus.

also for what it's worth, jobs in sanitation are stable, with good pay and benefits, and unlikely to be automated any time soon. and it's honest work. 3d modelers don't even tell stories, you guys are only useful as faceless, obedient cogs within massive machines. do it if you enjoy it.
>if your entire industry vanished overnight, the world would be a better place
I think most people would actually go crazy without the entertainment
Exactly. It's an opiate, keeping people from facing the world.

Take away the tv, take away our drugs, our nicotine, our alcohol. Take away the therapists that train people to cope with an evil world. Take away fb, ig, and twitter.

People will have to go outside and face the problems we've been hiding from.
Hey don't make go back there!
people have always resorted to entertainment in the absence of work. take all of that away, and people will find a way of entertaining themselves, with music, stories, visual art, whatever. they won't go out of their way to fix "the problems of the world" because they either don't care, or do care, but can't do anything about it. as long as they can survive and have a bit of fun, most people feel content enough.

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