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File: blender.jpg (10 KB, 480x360)
10 KB
i want to kill ton roosendaal
>it´s free
you get what you paid for.
Zbrush has, at least, a perpetual license - something that Autodesk will never have.
> * The official policy is that we guarantee free upgrades for one year from date of purchase. However, in practice we have actually never charged for an upgrade in 21 years.

This part scares the shit out of me. If it wasnt for the fact that they could just go full corporate at any moment, i would buy it right away.
Draw in 2.79 and port it to 2.93 problem solved until they fix the poor performance, maybe this will be fixed with vulkan.
isn't there a sculpt + vertex painting addon that fixes that, by using the sculpting method to paint?
Dobarro was working on sculpt vertex colors and it was faster at first, now performance is shit there too
Zchads stay winning
You damn well know it won't
>sculpt vertex colors
I've been trying that shit again and it is faster but you have to use viewport shading solid in the viewport and vertex in the color shading, I can paint in 12M tris meshes, avoid material preview or eevee
People have had their same license since 2003
Yes, but its still on a whim of the company.
interacting with subsurfed meshes got much slower too (opensubdiv)
it's one thing to stagnate, it's another to progress towards worse
they keep removing useful features and adding useless shit
e.g., they added onion-skinning for the grease pencil and removed it for actual animations
fuck it all
File: jz44p6oo86e31.png (191 KB, 540x303)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
I've been testing even more that and it seems that colors per corner aren't suported, Dobarro didn't like to paint the faces there, even if that's what he does in the face sets paint, and he had planned a paint inside edit mode, maybe it was the same vertex paint with other name, who knows, to paint low poly models, to make color ids masks and other shits that he'll never finish, blender development is a shitfest.
Why would you need onion skinning for 3d animation, motion paths are way more useful there
>twenty years from now pixologic changes their policy to subscription only
>grandfathered into your license
>anon says I TOLD U SO
It will likely be a number of years before they actually change their policy. But it is very likely the price will go up further to around 1500 or 2000 dollars.
What the fuck happened between now and then to make viewport performance so absolutely fucked?
It makes me second guess anything that I want to make since if the geometry is dense enough or I creep up to 1m polys I know performance will shit the bed.
I've got a great computer, and I really should be able to push 10m easy.
Why are the devs STILL ignoring performance? It affects them too with their shitty little short films.

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