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how/what kind of artworks usually gets shared&liked around so you net tons and tons of jobs and follows and eventually moneys?
Cute girls, and fan art of popular cute girls. That's the most reliable subject matter.

If you what you actually want to show off is your ability to produce the world's coolest looking scifi robot, well, but a cute girl in the scene as well.
So, this is a new spam thread template from a schizo, huh... But I'll bite this time.

It's a combination of having a great technical quality, an eye for presentation (thumbnail needs to be GOOD, lighting needs to be GOOD, if it isn't presented well, all of your hard work is wasted and nobody will care to even click / scroll through the post), and building the following and sharing your WIP work everywhere so when you finally do post it on ArtStation, you have bigger chances to hit trending because it is really dependent on time.

You need to start getting likes immediately, the more likes you get in shorter amount of time, the higher up you get on trending. One time I got a first like half an hour after I published my work, and it got fucked. The other time, likes started pouring in literally before I even managed to click on a front page after publish, in an instant literally. Got to a top row, of course.

But having a project that "failed" in an ArtStation popularity contest really made me realize how important is community building and from that point on I immediately opened social media accounts for personal work and started being more active in communities. Following is increasing all the time now, as well as job offers.

And speaking of the subject matter, it shouldn't matter that much, do whatever you like, just make sure you present it well. Otherwise you'll burn out real quick.
Fuck off from my screen then, I wanted to help you and you (expectedly) ignored everything and try to make me a fool now. You either listen or don't. One thing is sure though, and that is that you are never gonna make it in this field.
you should check this thread, I heard there are AAAA studio artist there answering
Actually really solid fucking advice man, just incorporate hot gorl for max reach.
>I immediately opened social media accounts for personal work
How do you get following on those? I can’t get 100 followers on ig.
how did you delete my post



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