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File: 1626032830330.jpg (80 KB, 1280x720)
80 KB
hey blenderfaggots, did you know that you can customize the zbrush ui? this just shows its you who are the special program kid who cant into proper tools.

Everybody knows this retard, it's the fact it comes out of the box hard to navigate is why people complain, how is someone who is new and learning going customize the UI when they don't even know what they're going to use. It sucks for beginners and no pros use the default interface so yeah asshat the UI is shit probably the worst UI of any program I've ever used. It starts you in 2.5d mode, then you need to switch 3d and then by default your object/tool (stupid name for a object that no other software uses) isn't constrained to any axis and in free rotate, on top of that it has the worst scene management system, with tools and sub tools but don't sub tool your tool sub, and to top it all off it has alien navigation controls, fk everybody else Zbrush is going to make you learn an entire new way to navigate. Shit can't even zoom in with MMB, well maybe it's used for something else, nope you just can't use it because Zbrush said so.
^ this
What >>850625 said.
Also fuck you nigger faggot.
File: Just.png (980 KB, 1587x895)
980 KB
980 KB PNG
Cheers just customized my copy earlier today.
but who was shortcuts?
but who was pavlovich?
but who was put some fucking effort into learning this beautiful software?
WHO was phone?

stop posting shitty trolls and leave the board, cris
File: 1607519841573.jpg (33 KB, 842x792)
33 KB
>t's the fact it comes out of the box hard to navigate
lmao, a normal person probably spends about 1 to 2 days to learn the ui, fucking retards, you are not fit in an industry that is increasingly asking you to learn new software to be on top of your game.
>nooo, why do i need to learn how to do industry standard work on many tools.
>i want to learn only one tool, and it has to have apple/ios ui
fucking week retards.
>a normal person probably spends about 1 to 2 days to learn the
No, an unemployed person for whom time =/= money does that.
File: 1607899182105.jpg (78 KB, 555x631)
78 KB
>>why is my hobby so difficult
stick to your day job mentally deficient retard, if you cant learn any application fast, you are fucking useless in a production setting. proprietary studio tools are fucking worst.
This UI meme is exaggerated. It shouldn't take more than a couple hours to grasp how the UI works for a normal person. You are never gonna use all the buttons that appear on screen and that's the same on literally every other app
they don't care, they think its the only way to defeat zbrush, because in their heads blender already has beaten all other 3d apps, except that pesky zbrush and its retard test.
why aren't you allowed to change hotkeys
File: images.jpg (7 KB, 203x248)
7 KB
Do you still need an addon to zoom with the scroll wheel ?
File: 1606609296941.jpg (48 KB, 645x729)
48 KB
>using a mouse in zbrush
I'm a blendlet too, but I just pirated Zbrush and it's just so much better I didn't even bother to touch sculpting in Blender. I would bet most if not all software war schizos in here don't even model at all
Why would anyone want to be a production slave?
3D viewport is too big, too much wasted space that could be filled up with more useful things like buttons and sliders.
File: 1606584553487.jpg (64 KB, 750x640)
64 KB
>Why would anyone want to make huge amounts of money?
op is a stupid nigger faggot.
I've started using it recently and learned to navigate and use the most important things in about a couple days. It looks alien at first, but it's not that difficult
>huge amounts of money
>as a wageslave
lol, good one, goy
>wojaknigger can't even spell
File: 1626916798993.jpg (57 KB, 600x600)
57 KB
>>as a wageslave
lol this retard hasn't taken the freelancer pill yet. lol

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