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File: 1614711366550.png (106 KB, 1348x1174)
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106 KB PNG
Another victim to the SaaS scourge.
Hobbyist shitters will seethe, pros deduct from taxes and don't care.
It's not that simple. If I record an expense of 100 euros, I can deduct that, but that means (assuming a 20% income tax) that I'll save 100 * 0.20 = 20 euros on taxes. So it's as if my expense was 80 euros. But if I don't have to pay it in the first place, I save 100 euros instead of only 20.

Likewise, if I can avoid subscription because I have a perpetual, I save the whole cost of subscription instead of only its 20%.
if they can get monthly down to $15/mo they'll eat otoy's lunch and effectively capture the entire hobbyist market
I hate these niggers.
Octane is free* for Blender, UE/Unity and Daz.

*1 GPU limit, doesn't work without internet connection
If I could deduct it I would have just renewed my maintenance you fucking retard. The whole reason they're doing this is because nobody bothered upgrading, and making your product worth buying is just such a hassle when you can SaaS your shit and laugh all the way to the bank.
>because nobody bothered upgrading
Studios should have been updating if only for maintenance, right? Maybe Redshift is doing well, and this is just Maxon trying to extract more money from customers.
>Maybe Redshift is doing well
It isn't.
They have become lame asses, doing unnecessary shit while the competition isn't sleeping.
i'm guessing they're doubling down on speed and dedicating most resources to redshift RT, which, if it lands soon-ish + delivers decent image quality would be interesting.
>redshift RT
nobody gives a shit about that.
>deduct from taxes means it's free
child detected
File: 1613072316775.png (67 KB, 1333x1089)
67 KB
David McGavran, CEO of Maxon, essentially admitted that managing subscription and perpetual licensing systems at the same time is too complicated and confusing for Maxon.
File: 1602316731607.png (121 KB, 920x1326)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
This guy, by the way, spent 20 years at Adobe.
lol okay, man
sounds like the company is dying, and this is a desperate attempt to save it.
Huh, didn't Maxon introduce an subscription model themselves ?
File: 1622626416868.png (107 KB, 1317x989)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
It could be that.
How is Redshift better than Arnold or Vray (or any of the other renderers) anyway ?
It's faster, although more limited in other aspects: poor volume support, scene size limited by VRAM, comparatively slow IPR, arguably "gamey" look, has (compared to V-Ray) no perpetual licensing anymore, and requires being online to work (unless you reach a custom agreement with Maxon). There are some positives, like good integration with certain apps (such as Houdini), OSL support, or built-in denoisers.
File: 1626659222711.jpg (800 KB, 1920x1080)
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800 KB JPG
this is the only way to survive these days. your gay little renderer or plugin or extension has to pull in enough income to support dozens and dozens of employee families and homes and lives. you're chasing a bargain while they're chasing dinner on the table. any minute now we're going to subscribing to premiere features like cut and paste. actually cut will be bronze tier, paste will be gold tier and cut+paste will be platinum preferred customer
shut up

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