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>mfw realizing what "hair cards" are
>realize all the hair you see in video games are just transparent 2D images assigned to planes stuck to the character's head
>can't help but notice them now when having a close look at the character's face
>also realize that's basically the same shit they pull off with grass and vegetation
>all 2D shit assigned to planes that shift around a bit to face the the direction you're looking at to give the impression of 3D depth
how do I unsubscribe from this blog
Wait until you learn about Vietnamese displacement decals
santa claus was actually just your uncle in a costume and that thing in his pants was not a banana
Good news anon, we're moving into the era of spline hair in games

How did u not realize this sooner? Haven't u ever looked at hair or foliage close enuff OR WHAT are you some kind of fucking fag
You have to be 18 to post here.
Since this thread is up and running. I'm trying to use hair cards for fur. I already got the planes down if albeit a little messy but the textures is what's confusing me. Do they have to be black and white for the opacity? How do I add then color? How do I scale the UVs?
you have done this backwards if you don't have your texture before placing the cards down, I'm not joking anon you'll probably have to do it again.

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