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File: 1593265089518.jpg (39 KB, 709x765)
39 KB
>fall for the "support me on patreon for the project files of this youtube tutorial" meme
>project files are different from the tutorials
>materials just downright wont work and have to be remade and scripts are used where there was none in the tut

Am I being filtered?
>pays for the project to learn absolutely nothing instead of recreating the project step by step based on the tutorial
Maximum filtered.
could have spent money on some gumroad/AS stuff from actual industry pros and studied the models but instead you fell for some dumb youtube shit
The guy has 250 patreons and seemed legit
post the channel I wanna laugh with you (not at you, promise)
posting the channel would reveal what im currently learning and give away my edge in the 3d market
upload the pateron content to cgpeers out of spite
if you gonna get conned by a yt shill, ur ngmi anyway. but up to you if you want to reveal the super secret niche or not.
probably some vr chat weeb shit anyway roght.
Are you being serious? I hope not.
no, i am. Same as a team wont reveal their internal discussions for new market direction.
If you think you can get an edge on the market by learning to do what other person has done before... you're a bit delusional.
i thought this place was shut down ? or was it a different one
in any case, awesome
im not deluded, you are. The moves I make and direction i take is mine alone and i wont reveal it just for anonymous "street cred"
You came here and told us about this youtuber (that ripped you off) and suddenly exposing said dude is something that reveals your "direction and moves"?
>im not deluded, you are.
Yeah, right.
yiff.party's creator took the money and ran, which is fair desu cuz fuck furries. kemono is newer, tho it might be more stringent on non-fur content
you were filtered the moment you decided to throw money into monitor for something that could be found for free dumb frogposter

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