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File: Screenshot_4.png (238 KB, 644x362)
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It's a good idea to create my character clothes using a default avatar and use zbrush to make it fit my real game character?
depends on the complexity of the attire.
i would avoid doing that if it has many layers/objects, but stuff like tshirts/tanktops or simple pants would be fine
I'd just import the character or a base with same dimensions, and export perfectly fitting clothes
anything is a good idea as long as you believe in it
The default avatar in md are really easy to fit avatars to because of their proportions so as long as it saves you time and you get the same results why not?
why not just import your character model into MD?
literally why not jusut use your zbrush model

zremesh it if you need the low res it just needs to be the right shape
That would go against the simulation element. It might not be the right fit for your model. Saying that the default avatars dont come with all the problems of using imported ones.
what's with the goddam camera?

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