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What do yall think of sfm? Im just learning about 3d animation and im starting to use sfm. How bad is it actually ? Ive heard its buggy. Sure. But is it good as a means of making cool shit.
Source Film maker is hideous. I cannot believe people sincerely masturbate to video game characters in piss yellow lighting or use it for any good reason.
S2FM is genuinely great. Lots of lighting options, pretty optimised, still updated. Overall pretty good.

S1FM was abandoned pretty much for its entire lifespan since its arrival in pyromania update, has only spot lights, got a shitload of limitations, can literally bloat your disk space with the amount of small crashlogs and barely has any control over the scene. It's bad, but i like it and it's a good tool to test your ability by limiting yourself.
do you have any experience with other programs?
It's good for learning how 3D animation works. Terrible for making cool shit unless you are very creative, talented and driven. At best you can make some TF2/HL2/Portal/whatever fan service movies with it.
It's pretty terrible all around. Getting custom content in is very limiting. At the point you can get models in you might as well do the animation in whatever you created it in. Like Blender or Maya

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