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File: sableye_foil.jpg (106 KB, 436x603)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
I'm interested in how detailed pokemon cards are when it comes to holo effects, the online game is 3d made in unity, I ripped the files and noticed what kind of textures they are using.
Basically it's the image card, some repeating holo tiles that loop, and some png lines textures.

I just can't figure out how they work togetter.

TLDR: How to make fake holo effect preferably in blender/photoshop, that isn't dependant on rotating the card to see the holo
File: SunLava.png (732 KB, 512x512)
732 KB
732 KB PNG
an example of a tiled texture that slowly moves across ingame
sounds like a UV scroller from your description. Just a shader that advances the UV coordinates of the 'holo' texture sampler over time.
I forgot to post an original moving here is an example
This is what I got so far in blender, using one of their textures it's just scrolling on loop, but there's a lot of details missing, they seem to have an opacity layer on the cards so that the effect is very subtle
That's easy to do, but since I'm not using blender...
File: foil.webm (376 KB, 366x512)
376 KB
Here's what I got.
It looks like you have your effect set to multiply or overlay, but I think theirs is probably additive, and I think its multiplied by a funk circuit board pattern before being added.
So the equation would be "card + (rainbow image * pattern image)"
I think I should have chosen a card that wasn't already shiny to get a cleaner result though.
Oh jeez, I didn't realize just how nasty the compression actually was.

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