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File: Knight.png (2.72 MB, 1920x1080)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB PNG
Thoughts on this model? First time doing hands, all done in sculpt
Was so clear and crisp that I thought that it was someone’s cosplay.

Very nice anon
if you gonna keep the hands high poly, then make that cylinder head to have more segments.

and i dont know how far you got to substance painter, but ill recap you a few things.
if you wanna have a normal map pattern like you were trying to do there, is always better to have a fill layer, make it just heigh, right click on the layer to add a black mask, and add a fill to that mask, find a procedural mask that you like, and then you can control the intensity of the bumpmap with the height slider. always work with masks as the painter, and the other stuff as parameters. same applies for roughness, pretty sure you can tell that is too shiny. keep at it
Don't have substance painter my friend, but thank you for letting me know
Texture values look a bit off, I think the roughness is too high desu, Also I would be a lot more careful with adding so many scratches. It's not bad for your first time though. Definitely get substance painter though and learn texturing more, that stuff only holds you back if you dont learn it.
Asides from the need for more sub-d and better positioning of the lollipop—The materials are really wonky. The helmet looks way too rough and doesn't match up with the materials on the rest of the model.

Also, your lighting should go beyond just plugging in an HDRI.
looks decent. botttom left of the mask looks fucky tho

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