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File: Screenshot (159).png (39 KB, 332x202)
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I always seem to end up accidentally creating a bunch of duplicate edges/vertices in Blender

I don't know what I'm doing that causes these to appear, but it ends up being a huge pain in the ass to clean up later and I would like to avoid that if possible.

The "merge by distance" function helps sometimes but there are many that don't get caught by it.

I am pretty new to blender and have just been making models with the basic tools in the edit mode if that's helpful information
When you extrude something wrong, you need to ctrl+z two times.
Dont know if that is your problem, but this happen with me a lot, maybe help someone.
that might help, thanks
you're just fucking up and missing it. And your normals might also be fucked too. Remember you can also change the merge by distance length.
oh didn't know I know I could change merge by distance length, that should help
You can increase the distance to merge vertices, you can set vertices to automatically merge and set the threshold for merging.

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