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File: blender214.png (76 KB, 800x500)
76 KB
Is there ANY way to (in BLENDER) make ink it or any kind of thick liquid and make it keep falling from a characters body?
Let's say he's covered in ink/blood/cum whatever you want and the droplets are falling out of him, but he's still covered in it.
What tool should i be looking for to achieve this?
Thanks in advance, anons.
not helping anon.
but go ahead. what should i be using?
>what should i be using?
the fucking blender or questions thread. Did you really need your own thread for someone to tell you to use a fucking fluid sim? No one is going to spell it out and hold your hand step-by-step.
>Is there ANY way

There are multiple ways. The question is, what are you producing this for, and how good does it need to look?

The 'obvious' answer is you use a fluid sim particle system. But that might be completely excessive. Depends on the result you want.
A thread died for this
Thanks anon, i'll look into fluid sims. i haven't really used them much since i've been only praticing how to model and animate for the last few months you were helpful. Thanks for not crying like the other posters
People are annoyed because you made an entire thread and spent 9 hours waiting for a response you would have got on your own if you spent a few seconds searching in google
>how do I make liquids in blender?

ESLs are disgusting
Why use blender use 3d maya it has best fluid simulation
File: 0001-0250.webm (822 KB, 960x540)
822 KB
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Blender's fluid sim cannot do friction/stickiness/adhesion. I could never find a setting for it.

What you can do in Blender though is use a particle simulation set to fluid and use a metaball as the render object. Looks like shit but it can easily do real time. Good luck getting all the settings for everything right though.
Viscosity is under "Diffusion". Adhesion could be mocked with time scale. I believe you could use dynamic paint on the output mesh from the sim to create wet, but I might be wrong. Good luck prototyping this shit though, takes forever.
If it died for this, it wasn't worth keeping alive
Use youtube
File: 0135.png (3.12 MB, 1967x1755)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB PNG
Also recommending metaball particles, its quick and dirty but works.

Heres a still from an animation I did using it

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